Cluain Bairend
Community ID
Alternate Names
Cluain-bairenn / Clúain Bairenn / Cloonburren
Medieval Location
"in Húi Maine on brink of the Shannon"
Modern Location
Cloonburren in parish of Moore, barony of Moycarn
Corporate Status
Cairech Dergen
Date Founded
500 or later
Date Terminated
1167 or earlier (needs verification)
Foundation Information

Cairech Dergen

Notable Heads

Cairech Dergen, first abbess, founder, d. 577-8 / Sithmaith, abbess, d. 778 / Forbflaith, abbess, d. 780 / Ellbrigh, abbess, d. 785 / Finbil, abbess, d. 809 / Anlaith, abbess of Clonbroney and Cloonburren, d. 933 / Fiacha, erenagh, d. 1066

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Mugain (q.v. Félire Óengusso céli dé: The Martyrology of Oegnus the Culdee, 260-1) / Cairech (? same as founder?), sister of Ronan of Druim Inasclainn / Scannláine, d. 753

Manuscript Sources

Leiden MS. Rc. xiii. 10TCDH1.18 [UN=4A001], 78.

Published Primary Sources

Leabhar breac, the Speckled book, 21, 84; The book of Lecan. Leabhar mór Mhic Fhir Bhisigh Leacain, 111, 113; The Yellow book of Lecan, a collection of pieces (prose and verse) in the Irish language, in part compiled at the end of the fourteenth century: now for the first time published from the original manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, by th, col. 90, 903; The genealogies, tribes, and customs of Hy-Fiachrach : commonly called O'Dowda's country. Now first published from the Book of Lecan, in the library of the Royal Irish academy, and from the genealogical manuscript of Duald MacFirbis, in the library of, 706; The book of Ballymote. A collection of pieces (prose and verse) in the Irish language, compiled about the beginning of the fifteenth century, 123 a; Félire Óengusso céli dé: The Martyrology of Oegnus the Culdee, 70, 260; Félire húi Gormáin. The martyrology of Gorman, 32; Martyrology of Donegal: A Calendar of the Saints of Ireland, 42, 174; Triadis thaumaturgae seu divorum Patricii, Columbae et Brigidae ... acta ... collecta, scholiis & commentariis illustrata, & pluribus appendicibus aucta; complectitur tomus secundus sacrarum ejusdem insulae antiquitatum, nunc primum in lucem prodiens, 381; Acta sanctorum: veteris et maioris scotiæ sev hiberniæ sanctorum insulae, Partim ex variis per Europam MS. Codd. exscripta, partim ex antiquis monumentis & probatis Authoribus eruta & congesta; omnia Notis & Appendicibus illustrata, 340, 713; Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat: a chronicle of Irish affairs from A.D. 431 to A.D. 1540, i. 248, 216, 250; Annala Rioghachta Eireann. Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four masters, from the earliest period to the year 1616. Edited from mss. in the Library of the Royal Irish academy and of Trinity college, Dublin, with a translation, and copious notes,, i. 208, 376, ii. 630; The Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála, 352; Annals of Tigernach: The Fragment in Rawlinson B. 502, 254; The Annals of Loch Cé : a Chronicle of Irish Affairs from A.D. 1014 to A.D. 1590, 21; The Annals of Clonmacnoise; being annals of Ireland, from the earliest period to A. D. 1408. Translated into English A. D. 1627, 123.

Admin. Notes

VColumb [PN=4R003], notes p. 113.

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