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Secular Political Affiliations

While the relationship is not clear, Cheddar had some relationship to the West Saxon Royal house.

Published Primary Sources

Cartularium saxonicum: a collection of charters relating to Anglo-Saxon history, 587, 575 , 765, 966, and 1219 (S221, 1442, 511, 611, and 806)
Anglo-Saxon Charters, no. 45 (Old English)

Secondary Sources

Veiled Women, vol. 1, and vol. 2, 59-61
Cheddar Minster

Miscellaneous Information

One charter, called spurious by Sarah Foot, indicates that the minster at Cheddar may have housed both women and men. Other references were also made to Cheddar, one in King Alfred's will and the other in a writ of Charles the Conqueror. Neither of these documents specifically say that Cheddar housed women religious (Veiled Women, vol. 1, 153-154, and vol. 2, 59-61). For an interesting discussion of Cheddar minster see The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society.

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