Cell Rígnaige
Community ID
Alternate Names
Reynagh (?) / Kill-rignaighe
Medieval Location
diocese Cluanensis (Clonmacnois) in west of Meath not far from Leinster border
Modern Location
Reynagh in diocese Clonmacnois is nine miles from Seirkieran diocese Ossory and is identified as this convent by Archdall 404 and S. O. Murthuile, in Tullamore Official Guide, p. 14 / Ordinance Survey H 210 suggests Kilrane, Co. Wexford (dioc. Ferns), but
Corporate Status
Cell / later a parish church
Notable Members/Residents/Guests

St. Regnacia and St. Richenna, said to have been sisters of St. Finnian of Clonard, with their mother Talacia and other holy women (note: Corpus genealogiarum sanctorum Hiberniae,166: "...et Finnia hi Tilaig Madair et Rignach i Cill Rignaige i Fothartaib"; Telach Madair = Talacia mother? However, the Rignach noted here is apparently ingen Aeda, whose sisters are Cuman and Cron; q.v. Cell Ingen n-Aeda Cell Ingen n-Aeda.)

R. Eickwort