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The property that these four religious women rented from St. Augustine's was valued at four pounds. They paid St Augustine's 2s and 1 packload of flour as rent (Domesday Book: a survey of the counties of England, vol. 1, fo 12rb).

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Secondary Sources

Veiled Women, vol. 1, and vol. 2, 51-52

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It is unclear whether or not a formal community of women was ever established in Canterbury. The religious women who were found in the city may have been refugees from communities in Kent destroyed by Vikings. The Domesday book offers the clearest reference to religious women. These women may have had a formal relationship with the St. Augustine's or they may have been simply tenants. They also may have been the remanents of one o f the pre-Viking Age Kentish houses (Veiled Women,vol. 2, 51-52).

Ruth Robbins, Ericka Swensson
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See Minster in Thanet and Lyminge for communities that may have taken refuge in Canterbury against the Danes or Vikings

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