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Alternate Names
Minchin Buckland, Buckland Minchin, S. John the Baptist
West Bath
West Bath
Medieval Location
The priory was located in Buckland on the site of an antique Augustinian male monastery founded about 1166.
Modern Location
Corporate Status
S. John the Baptist
Date Founded
1180 (circa)
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Jeronomite followed Augustinian in 1516
Foundation Information

The priory was founded by sisters of the Monastic Order of S. John of Jerusalem with help from King Henry II. It was attached to the male monastery at Buckland. The community incorporated 8 other priories.

Notable Heads

NULL, E.D'Actune, L.la Louwe, d'Berkeley, d'Erlegh, Mary, Alice, A.Crok, Elizabeth, J Coffyn, K.Bouchier.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Agnes, daughter of William, Earl of Arundell, who was one of the community benefactors in 1232. The community had its own chaplain and steward after the visitation of 1267. Until 1500 there was also a preceptor and 3 chaplains by ordinances of 1398.

Population Counts

There were 8 in about 1180 and about 50 in 1300. In 1539 there were more than 14.

Incorporated Communities
Dependency Of

The priory was a dependency of the male monastery, Clerkenwell, which was the head house of the Jeronomites in England.


In 1267 there was an ecclesiastical visit from an Jeronomite Prior because the community was experiencing great discord with the brothers of the Preceptory. Additionally, there was some maladministration of rents in 1338.


Ralph, son of Willam di Briwere, Alan Russell, R. and William Arundell, and the Priors of Monastic Order of S. John of Jerusalem. Traditionally, Berkelee is thought to have been a benefactor. Matilda, Countess of Clare in 1192, Loretta, Countess of Leiceistershire in 1228, and Muriel di Bohun.


The community assets included land holdings, pensions, gift from benefactors and order of S. John of Jerusalem, and a chapter house. In the 13th century the community received royal gifts of wood for fuel and building. The community assets were valued at 223 pounds in 1535 when the yearly income included a small donation from the hospital at Carbrook.


Income was derived from rents, tithes, pensions, and royal alms.

Early Documents

[1]Records the donation of the site by King Henry II in 1192.
[2]The second document is King John's confirmation of the founding, dated August 30, 1199.

State Of Medieval Structure

A fire destroyed the community in 1234. It was rebuilt in sometime after 1236.

Miscellaneous Information

The Preceptory for brothers closed about 1500.


Duston Church was part of the endowment of Buckland in 1170 by William of Erleigh. The Victoria history of the county of Somerset 6:264-65 available online at ">http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=18672&strquery=buckla... [Victoria County History]

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This is the only female priory of the Monastic Order of S. John of Jerusalem in England. Very little is known of the incorporated communities.

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