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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort descending Date Terminated
les Preaux 6O 1040
S. Ambrogio di Pietrapiana Saint Ambrose Tuscany 1040 or earlier
Westminster 1040 or earlier 1050 (circa)
S. Maria Saint Mary Tuscany 1043 or earlier 1500-1599 (16th c.)
Chateaudun St-Avit 6F 1045 -- for female community: see "foundation information"
S. Antonio Piedmont 1046 or earlier 1725 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Vix 6P 1047
Saintes (Notre-Dame) 6R 1047
Vielmur-sur-l'Agout 6L 1048 or earlier
Blessac 6J 1049
Locmaria 6E 1050 (circa)
Lisieux 6N 1050 (circa)
Leigneux 6U 1050 (circa)
le Mans (S. Julien) 6P 1050 (circa)
Poussay 6K 1050 or earlier
S. Margherita 1050-1100 (circa) 1810 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Croce Holy Cross/ Saint Justine 1357 Tuscany 1050-1100 (circa) 1542
Comps 6C 1052 (circa)
S. Agnes, Schaffhausen W S Agnes; M. S. Salvator; All Saints Schaffhausen 1052 (men); 1080-1092 (women) 1529
S. Maria a Sprugnano Saint Mary Tuscany 1054
Marcigny 6D 1055
Santissima Trinità e dell'Archangelo S. Michele Piedmont 1056 or earlier
Santa Maria de Campis Piedmont 1057
Messines Flanders (West) 1057
S. Bartolomeo 1057, March 1410 (taken over by Augustinian order)
S. Giovanni Evangelisto a Pratovecchio Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany 1058 1808
S. Felicita di Firenze Saint Felicity Tuscany 1059
SS. Annunziata id Fiorentino Apulia 1059 (circa) 1443 or later
Bonnesaigne 6J 1059 (circa)
Senlis 6Q 1060 (circa)
Evreux Holy Redeemer 6O 1060 (circa); refounded: Refounded by King Phillip II Augustus of France outside the city walls in the early 13th century.
S. Scolastica Apulia 1060 or earlier
Rupt-aux-Nonnains 6K 1060 or earlier 1136 or earlier -- Exact date unknown, but records indicate that this was a community of monks by 1136.
S. Ambrogio Saint Ambrose / Holy Trinity Tuscany 1063 1262
S. Maria a Monte Cellesi Saint Mary Tuscany 1063 or earlier
S. Maria delle Monache Virgin Mary LZ 1063 or earlier 1906-7
S. Genes-les-Monges 6C 1065 (circa)
Southwark female (needs verification) S. Mary Surrey 1065 or earlier (needs verification) 1066 or earlier
Isny S.George; S.Jacob Wuerttemberg 1065- 1190; 1803
Caen (S. Trinite) Holy Trinity 6N 1066
Bury St. Edmonds 1066 or before 1086 or later
Chichester Peter Sussex 1066 or earlier 1075
Hinchingbrooke James and Michael. Further research is necessary to verify the dedication. Huntingdon 1066 or earlier 1536
S. James hospital S. James Middlesex 1066 or earlier is probable; earliest documentation dates from the reign of Henry II. 1536
Stone Staffordshire 1066 or earlier, possibly as early as the seventh century. 1122-1125, when the community was granted to the male Augustinian monastery of Kenilworthy . By this time the nuns were most likely gone.
Minchinhampton female (needs verification) Gloucestershire 1066 or later
Oldbury S. Edith Warwickshire 1066 or later 1154 or later
Chester (Early Foundation) St. Werburg? 1066, or before, possibly as early as 875 1093
Stratford at Bow Leonard Middlesex 1066-1120 (sources disagree as to exact date of foundation) 1536
S. Pier Maggiore Saint Peter Tuscany 1067 (circa) 1784 (circa)