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Title Dedication Regionsort ascending Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Spirito Holy Spirit Tuscany 1291 or earlier 1357 or earlier
S. Francesco di via dei Macci Saint Francis / Saint Justin Tuscany 1345 or earlier
S. Maria Maddelena di Vico Saint Mary Magdlene Tuscany 1342 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria Maddelena delle Convertite Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany 1321 or earlier (1325, according to Cottineau) 1442
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany
S. Agostino alla Ginestra Saint Augustine Tuscany
S. Sperandio Saint Sperandio / Saint Mary Tuscany 1266
Dominae de Campo S. Petro Tuscany 1302 or earlier
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 722
S. Girolamo Saint Jerome Tuscany 1286 1786
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1000 or earlier
S. Felicita di Firenze Saint Felicity Tuscany 1059
S. Lorenzo alla Rivolta Saint Lawrence Tuscany 1551
S. Maria Saint Mary Tuscany 1427 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo del Beato S. Sepolcro Saint Bartholomew Tuscany
S. Maria Saint Mary Tuscany 1043 or earlier 1500-1599 (16th c.)
S. Michele Saint Michael Tuscany 1110 1579
S. Salvatoris Holy Redeemer ("Saint Salvatoris"?) Tuscany 1100 or earlier
degli Angeli Tuscany 1333 or earlier 1404 or later
S. Croce Holy Cross Tuscany
S. Bastiano Tuscany 1370 or earlier
S. Petri di Salisciamo Saint Peter Tuscany 807 or earlier
Fanciulle del Ceppo Tuscany
S. Giuseppe Saint Joseph Tuscany
S. Maria della Neve Saint Mary Tuscany 1339 or earlier 1435 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Donato a Torri in Polverosa Saint Donatus Tuscany 1251 1809
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany 1390 (circa) 1635 or later
S. Maria Novella Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Cristina Tuscany
S. Angelo Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany before 786
S. Chiara di Cortona Saint Mary/ Saint Francis / Saint Clare Tuscany 1225 1537 (needs verification)
S. Barnaba Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Piercigoli Saint Peter / Saint Gregory Tuscany 783
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany 1330 (needs verification)
S. Giovannino Saint John Tuscany
S. Maria della Pieta Saint Mary Tuscany 1304 or earlier 1541 or later
S. Petri et S. Pauli et S. Anastasii Saint Peter / Saint Paul / Saint Anastasius Tuscany 748
S. Verdiana Saint Verdiana / Saint Giovanni Gualberto, (second half of 14th c.) Tuscany 1391
S. Maria del Ponte Saint Mary Tuscany 1310 (needs verification) 1357 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Paolo Saint Paul Tuscany 1329 (circa)
Convertite Tuscany 1200 or later
S. Martino di Coiano Saint Martin Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Maria degli Angeli Saint Mary Tuscany 1439 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Petri Saint Peter Tuscany 803 or earlier
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany
S. Maria della Disciplina Saint Mary Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Salvatoris et S. Maria Saint Salvatoris / Saint Mary Tuscany 755 (circa)
S. Tomasso Saint Thomas Tuscany 1142 or earlier