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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Agatha 1313 (circa)
Molare Piedmont 1275-1277 (see "Incorporated Communities," below).
S. Trinità Marche 816 (circa): this is the year in which the church was consecrated.
Fieux 6L 1297 or earlier
Thorn 10F 992
Mont-Sainte-Catherine Brabant 1251 or earlier
Liesborn late 8th or early 9th c. 1131
la Madeleine-les-Orleans 6F 1113
la Deserte 6U 1304
S. Lucia 1518 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Salles-en-Beaujolais 6U 1301
S. Maria de Savall 1236 1300 or earlier? Needs verification
Name unknown (Beguines) 1285 or earlier
Baume-les-Dames 6H 670 (circa)
Ghent Ste-Barbe Flanders (East) 1425
S. Simone e S. Guida Piedmont 1094 1400-1499 (15th c.)
S. Caterina in S. Sisto Marche 1280
Vallis Coeli Limbourg 1196 or earlier
Relay 6F 1108 (circa)
Montarlot 6H 1267 or earlier
Mont-Notre-Dame-les-Provins 6T 1236
Pfullingen 1252
Fervacques 6Q 1140 (circa)
Milizie Titolare SS. Annunziate 1404 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Bonham 6M 1223-1224
S. Pietro de Molito 1263 or earlier 1938 -- nuns retired to a monastery on the hill when Lago Salto was created
Chaudanne 6H 400-499 (5th century)? 900-999 (10th century)?
S. Margarida de Vilanera Catalonia 1328 1368
S. Giorgio Piedmont 1234 or earlier
Santa Maria de Campis Piedmont 1057
S. Giorgio Umbria 751 1118 or later
Vitry-en-Perthois 6G 1235 (circa)
S. Beuve-aux-Champs 6O 1183
Oraison-Dieu 6L 1167 or earlier
SS. Gervasio e Protasio Emilia-Romagna 1510
Gomerfontaine 6Q 1207 (circa)
Wennigsen Hanover before 1200 1542; continues
Bruyere 6U 840 (circa)
S. Maria de Carista 1232 1460 (See
S. Andrea
S. Clara Catalonia 1369 1589
Mellifont Louth unknown 1228 (circa)
S. Giovanni del Sepolcro Apulia 1100 or earlier 1400-1499 (probable)
S. Maria Piedmont 1200-1230 (circa) 1597 (June 13) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Pietro di S. Anne Marche 1550-1600 (circa) -- Fell into ruin
Horeen 9K 627 (circa)
Salzinnes Namur 1202 or earlier
la Pommeraie 6D 1151