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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Brienne 6U 1259
S. Maria Piedmont 1219-20
Lindau (Tertiaries) 1238 or earlier 1528
S. Giorgio (Alvaneto) Marche
Bonifati male monastery (needs verification) LZ 608
S. Mammiliano inside Valli Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Symphorien 9K 626-47 882
Bar-sur-Aube 6G 1239
S. Victor-a-Huy Liege 1144
Perpignan 6I 1263-1270
Irnaide Tyrone 739 or earlier 1600-1680 (circa)
S. Galgano 1290 1412 (See "Incorporated By," below) The community became the College of Arte della Lana, then later a tannery in 1792.
Iseure 6C 1151
Haddington East Lothian 1159 or earlier 1621
Holzen 1150 (circa) 1802
Charly 6F 1327 or earlier
S. Maria di Procina Apulia 1200-1299 (needs verification)
Chille female (needs verification) Hertfordshire
S. Chiara Piedmont
S. Trinità Umbria
S. Maria e S. Biagio LZ 921 1560
S. Andrea di Lupeta Tuscany 1342
S. Luca Tuscany
Bordeaux 6A 1239 or earlier
Chamalieres 6C 665 (circa) 1600-1699 (17th century)
Eewen Antwerp 1130 (circa) at Tongerloo. Refounded: 1156-1167 at Eewen. 1299 or earlier (late 13th century)
Messines Flanders (West) 1057
S. Coloma de Matella Catalonia 1163 1368
S. Angelo di Panzo 1233 or earlier
Lourcine-les-St-Marcel 6G 1270 (circa). Refounded c. 1287, and moved to Paris
Cubas 6A 1175 or earlier
S. Trinità di Casalnuovo Apulia 1370-1400 (circa)
Paris (S. Eloi) 6T 633 1107 -- nuns removed in favor of Benedictine monks
S. Maria di Caramagna Piedmont 1028 (May 28) 1460, under Felix V
Notre-Dame de Jerusalem Limbourg 1480
S. Caterina da Siena Marche founded after Bishop Constanzo da Fabriano's death [date]
S. Mercuriale Tuscany 1276 or earlier
Louvain Brabant 1416
Val-Notre-Dame Liege 1211 or earlier
S. Agnes 1221 1799
la Rame 6A 1130 (circa)
S. Clara Catalonia 1322 1559
S. Margherita 1150 (circa) 1409 (see
Migette 6H 1321 (circa)
Inis Loinge Limerick (uncertain)
S. Lorenzo di Collazone 1235 (April 21-May 25) 1248: Pope Innocent IV conceded to the nuns the right to build a new monastery (<C2748>) because of military incursions.
Evequeville 6G 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Blessac 6J 1049
S. Chiara Piedmont 1330 (circa) 1802
S. Maria in Trastevere 1223-1228