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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Marco Marche 1408 (September 30) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Sadurní de Collsabadell 998 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below) 1041 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below)
Zellingen 800 (circa) 900 (circa)
Charoltesbach 800 (circa) 900 (circa)
Vergaville 6K 966 -- Refounded and restored in 1147
Nantelle 6K 1141-1142 at Jovilliers. Refounded: Circa 1160 at Nantelle. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Fontgauffier 6A 1095
Arluc 6S 600-630 (circa) 963 or earlier
Bouchet 6U 1170-1200 (circa)
Ballynagalliagh Sligo 1223 or later (needs verification) 1562 or earlier (needs verification)
Fanciulle del Ceppo Tuscany
Minchinhampton female (needs verification) Gloucestershire 1066 or later
S. Giacomo e Filippo Piedmont 1299
S. Caterina 1281 or earlier
S. Maria Marche 1422 -- Supressed by Bishop Giovanni; at that time, it did not have any sisters.
Frauweiler 1452 or earlier 1540 (circa)
S. Lorenzo a Montevarchi Tuscany 1277
S. Laurent 6L 1151
le Paravis 6A 1130
la Guiche 6F 1273
Beaumont-les-Clermont 6C 665 (circa)
Cassaniouze 6C 1276
Marienkloster in Karlsberg 765 or earlier
Sheppey Kent 1087 (at Sheppey) 1536
S. Caterina di Quarto Emilia-Romagna 1205 1291
S. Maria Piedmont 1107 (circa)
S. Girolamo Marche 1376 or earlier
S. Lucia 1326/27
S. Meliandra Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Spirito 1245 or earlier 1827 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Thelouet 6E 1124
Soissons (S. Paul) 6G 1228
Provins 6T 1248
Leominster 2N 660 (circa); Refounded: 1139 (circa) as a conventual priory of the monks of Reading Abbey. 1046 (Maybe as late as 1086 or as early as the 9th century)
Hasnon 6M 690 (circa) 900-999 (10th century)? By 1024, this is a house of canons only, later refounded for Benedictine monks alone.
Coulonges 6D 1140 (circa)
S. Llucia de Rajadell Catalonia 1278 or earlier 1500 or earlier: had been reformed by order of the bishop in 1374, and disappeared sometime during the following century.
Temple Cashel Kerry
S. Maria Maddalena delle Convertite Emilia-Romagna 1442
Rerecross Hospital Yorkshire 1171 or earlier 1540 (circa)
S. Giovanni Apulia
Hereford 1000 or after 1066 or after
S. Margherita Piedmont
S. Pietro di Valle Rasina
S. Gabriele & S. Bartolomeo Marche 1262, 11 March
S. Benedetto Tuscany
Burtsheid 9J 1215 (circa) at Mont-Satin-Sauveur. Refounded: 1221 at Burtsheid.
Troyes (S. Quentin) 6G 600-699 (7th century)? 1089 or earlier -- this is the date at which the community was refounded for monks of Mosleme, but the actual termination of the female community may have been earlier.