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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Lons-le-Saunier 6H 1200-1299 (13th century)
Crecy 6G 1137 (circa) 1300-1399 (14th century)
Orleans (S. Pierre-le-Pueliler) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 900 or earlier -- became a house of male canons
S. Giacomo de Murorupto 1088 1256 (See
Altenhohenau Bavaria (Bayern) 1235 1803
S. Agnese Apulia unknown 1621 or earlier, when SS Agnese e Paolo formed
S. Agnese Piedmont 1271
S. Maria di Liviano 1411 -- by this date, all the nuns had died, and the community was re-incorporated into S. Pietro
S. Marco Marche 1408 (September 30) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
Schwarzach 770 (circa) 877
Louvain Brabant 1416
Val-Notre-Dame Liege 1211 or earlier
la Rame 6A 1130 (circa)
Migette 6H 1321 (circa)
Evequeville 6G 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Blessac 6J 1049
l'Arpajonie 6L 1297
Hahn 1292
Cell Adrochtae Sligo 400 or later (needs verification) 1591
S. Maria Magdalena vor Schottentor Founded in 1239 by Duke Friedrich II The community was merged into S. Lorenz in 1533 after the cloister was destroyed in the 1529 Turkish siege. (Karl Czoernig, Ethnographie der Oesterreichischen monarchie, (Vienna: K.-K. Hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1857), 143)
Marshfield female (needs verification) Gloucestershire
Sompting Hospital Sussex 1288 or earlier 1351 or later
S. Zaccaria 829 C.E.
Rocca delle Donne Piedmont 1167 (circa) 1494 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria della Strada 1260 or earlier
S. Andrea Marche 1073 1290-91 (see "Incorporated By," below).
Willencourt 6M 1199 or earlier
Robermont Liege 1197 (circa)
Notre-Dame-du-Plan 6S 1200
Byloque Flanders (East) 1215
Bricot-en-Brie 6G 1150 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Nonnains 6Q 1222 (circa) 1225-1299 (circa)
S. Joan de les Abadesses Catalonia 887, June 24 1017, January 26 (see "miscellaneous information," below).
Cluain-fidhi Clare
Evesham Worcestershire 1086 or earlier
S. Caterina di Cento Emilia-Romagna 1796
S. Maria Annunziata Piedmont
S. Benigno 1270 (needs verification) 1486 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Lucia Marche 1192
S. Caterina de Monte Sinai 1226 1470 (See
S. Germain 9K 1285
S. Remy Namur 1230
Pigiers 6U 1170 (circa)
les Iles 6D 1219
Charite-les-Lezinnes 6D 1184 1432 -- transferred to male community
Homblieres 6Q 650 (circa) 949 -- house turned over to Benedictine monks
S. Llucia de Rajadell Catalonia 1278 or earlier 1500 or earlier: had been reformed by order of the bishop in 1374, and disappeared sometime during the following century.
Temple Cashel Kerry
S. Maria di Nazareth della Vezza Emilia-Romagna ca. 1300
Rerecross Hospital Yorkshire 1171 or earlier 1540 (circa)