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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort ascending
San Pietro in Colfiorito St. Peter Umbria Early 1300s
S. Sebastiano 1500 or earlier
S. Caterina di Cafaggio Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Maria
S. Lampo Piedmont
Parc-les-Dames Brabant 1215 or earlier
Megemont 6C 1274 or earlier
S. Chiara Tuscany
Epluques 6Q 1234
S. Chiara di Giuncheto Saint Clare Tuscany 1231
le Betton 6U 1150
Frose Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt) 950
Engelport 1272 (circa)
S. Andreas Saint Andrew Tuscany 852 (traditionally)
S. Sebastiano
Hospital of S. Paul S. Paul Norfolk 1100 or later
Vielmur-sur-l'Agout 6L 1048 or earlier
Rougemont 6D 1105 or earlier
S. Giovanni in Appentino (male?) John LZ 816 or earlier
Nevers (Notre-Dame) 6D 617 (circa). Refounded c. 849
Franchevaux 6D 1159
Bourbon l'Archambault 6C 1172 (circa)
Clairefontaine Luxembourg 1247-1250
S. Sebastiano Piedmont
S. Michel-du-Bois 6N 1150 (circa)
Port-Royal 6T 1204
Cavaillon 6S 1252
Klosterreichenbach Wurttemberg 1082
S. Magdalena i S. Margarita de Castellbisbal late 13th century
S. Marta Saint Martha Tuscany 1310
Bazas 6A 500-599?
Name unknown Piedmont 1093 or earlier
Sourribes 6S 1160 (circa)
Limoges 6J 817 or earlier
Comps 6C 1052 (circa)
Anargyroi Kosmas and Damian
Santa Maria in Foligno Umbria early 1300s
S. Niccola in Borgo San Sepolcro
S. Silvestro a Marciano Saint Sylvester Tuscany 1148
Faverney 6H 747 (circa). Refounded: Handed over to Benedictine monks in 1132.
Pillenreuth 1300-1399 (fourteenth century)
S. Godeberte 655
Ros Airthir St. Fuinche Fermanagh 1084, although possibly an earlier foundation during the 5th century
Val-Virginal Brabant 1215 (circa)
S. Vittore Piedmont 1430
Paraclet-des-Champs 6Q 1219
les Mazures 6G 1274 or earlier
Epinlieu Hainault 1216
S. Benedetto in Gotella Saint Benedict Tuscany 823 or earlier
S. Ambrogio di Pietrapiana Saint Ambrose Tuscany 1040 or earlier