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Title Dedication Regionsort descending Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Ilario Saint Hilarius Tuscany 1143 or earlier 1269 or later
S. Maria di Rosano Saint Mary Tuscany 780 (circa)
S. Niccolo Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1340 or earlier
S. Prospero Saint Prospero Tuscany 1262 (circa) 1537
S. Maria Novella Tuscany
S. Quirico e S. Matteo di Casale Saint Quiricus / Saint Matthew Tuscany 1000 (circa) 1404
S. Marghertia Saint Margret Tuscany 1305 or earlier 1808
S. Maria Corte Orlandini Saint Mary Tuscany 1421 or earlier
Santissima Annunziata di Firenze Saint Mary of the Annunciation Tuscany 1413
S. Paolo Saint Paul Tuscany
S. Paolo all'Orto Saint Paul / Saint James / Saint Philip Tuscany 1257 or earlier
S. Jacopo di Ripoli Saint James Tuscany 1238 or earlier (needs verification) 1633 or later
S. Maria in Colle Saint Mary Tuscany 1089 1276 (circa)
S. Monica di Firenze Saint Monica Tuscany 1442
S. Ambrogio Saint Ambrose / Holy Trinity Tuscany 1063 1262
S. Croce Holy Cross Tuscany
S. Giusto di Casciano Saint Justus Tuscany
S. Margherita in Castelvecchio Saint Margaret Tuscany 1250 or earlier 1305 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria al Corso Saint Mary Tuscany 722 867 or later
S. Vicenzio di Firenze Saint Vincent Tuscany 1450
S. Felice Tuscany
S. Felice de Vada Tuscany 1245 or later 1257
S. Jacopo e S. Lorenzo Saint James / Saint Lawrence Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Maria degli Angioli Saint Mary/ Saint Benedict Tuscany 1000 or earlier
S. Donato a Scopeto Saint Donatus Tuscany 1446 or earlier
S. Maria a Monte Cellesi Saint Mary Tuscany 1063 or earlier
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany 1296 1808 (circa)
S. Giorgio di Capraria Saint George Tuscany
S. Pavolo Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Lucia Saint Lucy Tuscany 818 or earlier 1260 or earlier
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany 1350 or earlier 1378
S. Maria di Lupeto Saint Mary Tuscany 1334 or earlier see "Incorporated By," below
S. Agostino in via Romea Saint Augustine / Saint Felix Tuscany 1245 (circa) 1315 or later
S. Jacopo in via Ghibellina Saint James Tuscany 1300 or earlier (needs verification) 1601
S. Lucia Saint Lucy Tuscany 1328 1784 (circa)
S. Michele delle Campora Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany 1446 or earlier
S. Maria e S. Caterina Virgin Mary / Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Agnese Saint Agnes Tuscany 1306 1346
S. Niccolo di Caffagio Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1329 (circa)
S. Lorenzo Saint Lawrence Tuscany 1257 or earlier
S. Marco Saint Mark Tuscany 1250 or later 1300 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo alla Lastra Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1352 1453
S. Maria al Vivaio Tuscany 1039
S. Petronilla Saint Petronilla Tuscany 1273 or earlier
S. Giusto alle Mura Saint Justus Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Giovanni Battista John the Baptist Tuscany 1286 (circa) 1808
S. Maria del Fiore Saint Mary/ Saint Alexander / Saint John the Baptist Tuscany 1330 1808
S. Girolamo Tuscany 1500 or earlier 1810
S. Cresci a Montefioralle Tuscany 1298 or earlier
S. Domenico di Cafaggio Saint Dominic Tuscany 1292