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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Beziers 6I 1259 or earlier
Sept-Meules 6O 750 or earlier 800-899 (9th century)
Prebayon (Ramieres) 6S 500-599 (6th century); Refounded: 962.
Lavassin 6U 1195 (circa)
Folkestone 640 or earlier; refounded: 1095 as priory of Benedictine monks. May have been a male community by mid-9th century. 871 or after
Clermont 6C 1280 or earlier
Ridigippi 853-876
S. Joan Catalonia 1374 1461
Cluain Ferta Brenaind Galway 560 (circa)/ 1144 (needs verification) 1550-1600 (needs verification)
Tunstall Double Monastery Lincolnshire 1148-1160 (circa). Before c. 1170 it was joined to Bullington. 1189 or earlier
S. Barbara Apulia 1324 or earlier unknown
S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont 1445 (see "Incorporated by," below).
S. Tommaso Umbria 1273 1487
Sielmönken 1276
West Preston (needs verification) 1082 or before 1086 or later
Mariental (North) (Norden) 1255
S. Felice Tuscany
Westminster 1040 or earlier 1050 (circa)
S. Felice de Vada Tuscany 1245 or later 1257
S. Margherita 1050-1100 (circa) 1810 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Lieu-Restaure 6Q 1138
Toulouse (S. Sernin) 6L 1300 (circa)
Ninove Flanders (East) 1137 at Ninove. Refounded: 1188 at Pamel. 1299 or earlier (13th century)
Mantes 6F 1133
Dougillard 6P 1125 (circa)
S. Apollinare 1229 (1201 according to Bigaroni); Second mounastery built in the city in 1286. They could not build earlier because <C1460> had been prohibited by Pope Clement IV from building church or monastery in the vicinity. Honorius IV later reduced distance. 1766, but restored in 1881.
Verdun (S. Louis) 6K 1250 (circa) 1396
Mont Sio Catalonia 1351 1947
Annagh Mayo 1140 or earlier 1543 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Barnaba Apulia 1100-1170 1177 or later
S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont 1484 1800-1899
S. Andrea delle Vigne Marche 1305, 16 April 1408 -- See "Incorporated By," below.
Steterburg 1003 (circa)
S. Pietro
S. Maria del Camí
Klösterle 1494 or earlier 1552 (circa)
Dienze Ste-Margeurite Flanders (East) 1448
Vars 6J 1259 or earlier
la Rochelle 6R 1180 (circa)
Montmartre 6T 1134
Fontaines 6A 1120 (circa)
Argenteuil 6T 660 (circa); refounded c. 1000 1129
Bonneuil 6Q 1121 at Premontre. Refounded: 1148 at Bonneuil.
Stone Staffordshire 1066 or earlier, possibly as early as the seventh century. 1122-1125, when the community was granted to the male Augustinian monastery of Kenilworthy . By this time the nuns were most likely gone.
Name unknown Piedmont 1278 or earlier
S. Daniele Marche 1383, June 3 (see "Incorporated by," below).
S. Angelo della Valle 1329 (circa: some sources say 1353)
S. Maria Vallegloria 1208 or earlier 1464, June 17 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Cecilia 1422 1658 (See "Incorporated By," below)