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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort descending Date Terminated
S. Peter Double Monastery Peter Gloucestershire 681 (circa). It was refounded circa 1058 for Benedictine monks. 767 or later
Montivilliers 6O 682. Refounded: 1030. 800-899 (9th century)?
Blangy Ste-Berthe 6M 685 (circa) 870-900 (circa). Refounded c. 1031 for Benedictine monks.
Carlisle 2F 685; Refounded: circa 1125 refoundation for Augustinian canons. 800-899 (9th century) -- Destroyed
Pershore St. Eadburgh? 2DD 689(circa) Refounded c. 970 circa for Benedictine monks by King Edgar. 970, or possibly as early as 890
Hasnon 6M 690 (circa) 900-999 (10th century)? By 1024, this is a house of canons only, later refounded for Benedictine monks alone.
Metz (S. Pierre-aux-Nonnains) 6K 690 (circa)
Burton 2Y 690 (circa) 875-900 (circa)
Wenlock 690 or before 1066 or before; A 901 charter is the last evidence of women residing at this double monastery
Honnecourt 6M 691 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)? By 911, the community had been refounded as a house for monks only.
Orp Brabant 692 (circa) 799 or earlier?
Andenne Namur 692 (circa); Refounded: by 1100. 883
Inkberrow Worcestershire 693 or earlier 1000 or earlier
Repton 2G 697 or earlier. Refounded: 1153-1159 refoundation for Augustinian canons. 874
S. John of Beverly S. John the Evangelist Yorkshire 700 1450 or after
S. Maria di Valdisasso Marche 700 (circa -- traditional date. See "Foundation Information," below), but the first known document dates from the 11th c. 1814 (circa): Supressed in the Napoleonic period, but assigned to the Capuchin Mothers (con. osservanza) in 1833, and is still extant.
Pfalzel 700 (circa) 1016; refounded as male house
Auchy 6M 700 (circa). Refounded: circa 1079. 880 (circa)
S. Osberga Warwickshire 700 or earlier
S. Cugat del Far 700 or earlier? 725 or later?
S. Marx S. Leonard Basel 700- 1368
Alden-Eyck Limbourg 700-750. Refounded: 10th century refoundation for canons only. 936 or earlier
Graufthal S. Gandolph Unter-Elsass 700-799 1551
Bourges (S. Pierre-le-Puellier) 6F 700-799 (8th century) 800-899 (9th century)
S. Caecilia 700-799 (8th century)
Breuil 6K 700-799 (8th century)?. Refounded: 1096 for monks. 1037 -- destroyed by fire
Wimborne Double Monastery S. Mary and S. Cuthberga Dorsetshire 705 (traditional date), (or 715) 876 (possibly as late as the 960s)
Caladon 6P 710 (circa) 989 or earlier
Peykirk 714 1017 ?
Amorbach Blessed Virgin Mary Lower Franconia, in Bavaria 714; 1235 (female) 1431 (female); 1803 final dissolution
S. Maria del Senatore Piedmont 715 (December 13) 1799
S. Lorenzo e S. Valentino Saint Lawrence / Saint Valentine Tuscany 719 905 or earlier
S. Maria della Consolazione 720
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 722
S. Maria al Corso Saint Mary Tuscany 722 867 or later
Kirchback S. Mary and S. Michael 725 (circa)
Oxford St. Frideswide 2V 727; Refounded in 1122 as a community of Augustinian canons. 874 (circa)
S. Pietro in Classicella Umbria 730 or later 801 or later
S. Agnese ad duo Furna Agnes LZ 731 998-9 or earlier
Kitzingen Blessed Virgin Mary 734-749 1544
S. Giorgio Saint George Tuscany 738 or earlier
Niedernburg 739 1806
Irnaide Tyrone 739 or earlier 1600-1680 (circa)
Benediktbeuren S. Benedict, S. Jacob Schwaben 740 1803
Altomünster S. Peter; S. Paul; Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Alto; S. Salvator 740 (circa) 1803
Herbitzheim 6K 740 (circa)
Karlsburg Blessed Virgin Mary (?) 741 1350 (circa)
Worcester S. Mary 2DD 743 or earlier. Refounded by c. 975 as a house of Benedictine monks by King Edgar amd Bishop Oswald. 800-899 (9th century)--women may have been present as late as 1086
Fulda Women's house: Blessed Virgin Mary, Men's house: S Salvator, S Peter, S Paul, S Boniface Hessen-Nassau 744 1626
Ochsenfurt 745 (circa) 765