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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort descending Date Terminated
Iuxta Thermas Agrippianas female (needs verification) LZ 599 or earlier
Almeneches 600 (circa). Refounded: 1066. 900-999 (10th century)?
S. Leucio a Tor di Quinto (male?) Luke LZ 600 or earlier 1192 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Stefano presso S. Paolo Stephen LZ 600 or earlier 967 or earlier (needs verification)
Addrigoole Saint Bairre Laois 600 or earlier (needs verification) 1240 (circa)
Cell Cere Tipperary 600-625 (circa)
Arluc 6S 600-630 (circa) 963 or earlier
Cell Bicsige Westmeath 600-635 (circa)
S. Pietro in Città Peter / Vivian LZ 600-699 (7th century -- traditional date) 1810 (later restored, still extant)
Chantoin 6C 600-699 (7th century) 900-999 (10th century)??
Gwitherin 600-699 (7th century) 800-899 (9th century -- needs verification)
Lis Mór Mochutu Waterford 600-699 (7th century)
Bordeaux 6A 600-699 (7th century) 700-799 (8th century)?
Orleans (S. Pierre-le-Pueliler) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 900 or earlier -- became a house of male canons
Orleans (Notre-Dame) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 840 -- transformed into a community for male religious
Troyes (S. Quentin) 6G 600-699 (7th century)? 1089 or earlier -- this is the date at which the community was refounded for monks of Mosleme, but the actual termination of the female community may have been earlier.
S. Anna Piedmont 600-699 (circa)
S. Ippolito Marche 600-750 (circa)
Bonifati male monastery (needs verification) LZ 608
Mehrerau S. Peter; S. Paul Bregenz 610 1806
Combeaux 6U 610 (circa) 787
Faremoutiers 6T 617 (circa)
Nevers (Notre-Dame) 6D 617 (circa). Refounded c. 849
Charenton 6F 620 (circa) 1113, but refounded c. 1120 (see below)
Remiremont 6K 620 (circa)
Besancon 6H 624 900-999 (10th century)? Refounded c. 1050 for Benedictine monks.
Moyenmoutiers 6F 624 (circa) 1012 -- the community was refounded for canons; however, the actual termination of the female community may have come earlier.
Sens (S. Symphorien) 6G 625 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
S. Symphorien 9K 626-47 882
Horeen 9K 627 (circa)
Jouarre 630 (circa)
Paris (S. Eloi) 6T 633 1107 -- nuns removed in favor of Benedictine monks
Lyminge S. Mary and S. Mildred Kent 633 (circa) 964 or later.
Auxerre (S. Julien) S. Julien 6D 635
Tynemouth Northumberland 635-650 865-875; refounded c. 1090 as a male Benedictine community, which was terminated in 1536.
Laon (S. Jean) 6Q 637 1128 -- nuns expelled in favor of monks
S. Andrea e S. Bartolomeo al Laterano; sources do not indicate whether male, female or mixed. Andrew / Bartholomew LZ 638 or earlier 1000 or later
Coldingham Northumberland 640 1000 or earlier (According to Foot, this community was non-functioning by the late tenth century)
Hartlepool S. Aidan Durham 640 (circa) 830-880
Bourges (N-D de Salles) Notre-Dame de Salles 6F 640 (circa). Permanently refounde for male canons in 912 (1012?). 800-899 (9th century)?
Folkestone 640 or earlier; refounded: 1095 as priory of Benedictine monks. May have been a male community by mid-9th century. 871 or after
Marchiennes 6M 643 (circa) 1028 -- refounded as a male community, since there were only a few nuns left.
Nivelles-en-Brabant Brabant 647-650
Tadcaster 2E 649 (circa) 800-899 (9th century) -- needs verification
Hamage-les-Marchiennes 6M 649 (circa). Refounded during 11th century for Benedictine monks. 800-899 (9th century)
S. Hilda's Hilda Durham 649 or earlier
Ören S. Mary 650
Werehale 2J 650 (circa) 875 (circa)
Homblieres 6Q 650 (circa) 949 -- house turned over to Benedictine monks
Dereham 2T 650-700 (circa) 875-900 (circa) or 974