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Title Dedication Regionsort descending Date Founded Date Terminated
Lyminster S. Mary Sussex 1082 (circa) 1414 (circa), given to Eton College.
Chichester Peter Sussex 1066 or earlier 1075
Easebourne S. Mary of the Nativity Sussex 1248 or earlier 1535
Adelberg Swabia ca. 1178
Fischingen Blessed Virgin Mary, S. Idda Thurgau 1138 1848
Buergel Blessed Virgin Mary; S George Thuringia 1133 Women's house: 1149-1188; Men's house: 1530
Cell Cere Tipperary 600-625 (circa)
Molough St. Brigid Tipperary 400 or later / refounded during the 14th century 1540
Inis Leamhnachta Tipperary unknown 1228
Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary 1385 or earlier (needs verification) 1542 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Margarita Saint Margaret Tuscan 1368
S. Martino Saint Martin Tuscany 1426 (See "Incorporated by," below)
Rinchiuse di Figline Tuscany 1277
Name Unknown Tuscany
S. Lorenzo e S. Valentino Saint Lawrence / Saint Valentine Tuscany 719 905 or earlier
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany 1811
S. Michele Archangelo Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany 1305 1809
S. Maria a Sprugnano Saint Mary Tuscany 1054
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1214 or earlier
S. Gesu Jesus, Joseph & Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Tommasso S. Thomas Tuscany
S. Maria Maddelena Calsati Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany
S. Niccolo di Prato Saint Nicholas Tuscany
Pinzochere di S. Dominico di Firenze Saint Dominic Tuscany 1390 or earlier
S. Tommaso Saint Thomas Tuscany 1190 or earlier
S. Frediano Saint Fredianus Tuscany 1091 1181
S. Cerbone Saint Cerbonius Tuscany 1149 1442 (See Below)
S. Maria Maddelena Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany 1270
S. Salvadore di Soffiano Holy Redeemer ("Saint Salvatore?") Tuscany
S. Simone e S. Maria Saint Simon / Saint Mary Tuscany 800 or earlier
S. Francesco a Guadato Saint Francis Tuscany
S. Martino in Kinseca Saint Martin Tuscany 1331 or earlier
S. Maria Maddelena Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany 1323
S. Chiara di Prato Saint Clare Tuscany 1324 or earlier 1475 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Bartolo di Gignoro Saint Bartolus Tuscany 1370
S. Spirito di Arezzo Holy Spirit Tuscany
S. Abbundio e Abbondanzio Tuscany 1095 or earlier 1810
S. Benedetto e S. Scolastica Saint Benedict / Saint Scolastica Tuscany 823 or earlier
S. Maria di Cortona Saint Mary Tuscany 1258
S. Pietro a Silva Regia Saint Peter Tuscany 1336 1349
S. Spirito Holy Spirit Tuscany 1291 or earlier 1357 or earlier
S. Francesco di via dei Macci Saint Francis / Saint Justin Tuscany 1345 or earlier
S. Maria Maddelena di Vico Saint Mary Magdlene Tuscany 1342 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria Maddelena delle Convertite Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany 1321 or earlier (1325, according to Cottineau) 1442
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany
S. Agostino alla Ginestra Saint Augustine Tuscany
S. Sperandio Saint Sperandio / Saint Mary Tuscany 1266
Dominae de Campo S. Petro Tuscany 1302 or earlier
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 722
S. Girolamo Saint Jerome Tuscany 1286 1786