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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort descending Date Terminated
Syon Holy Savior, S. Mary, and S. Bridget Middlesex 1414 (circa) 1539 (see note, below)
S. Matteo in Arcetri Saint Matthew Tuscany 1414 or earlier
Louvain Brabant 1416
Wareham hospital Dorsetshire 1418 or earlier
S. Girolamo sul ponte Rubaconte Saint Jerome Tuscany 1418 or earlier
S. Piero Martire Saint Peter Martyr Tuscany 1419
S. Agnes S. Agnes 1419 1812
Val-Notre-Dame Brabant 1419
Sion Flanders (East) 1420 (circa)
Gnadenberg S. Salvator (needs verification) 1420 (male); 1435 (female) 1563
S. Caterina della Scala 1421
Bethanie Antwerp 1421
S. Maria Corte Orlandini Saint Mary Tuscany 1421 or earlier
Kempen S. Anne 1421 or earlier? 1802
Königshofen an der Heide S. Mary (Maria) 1422 1478, female; (1495) male
S. Cecilia 1422 1658 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Whittington's Hospital Holy Spirit / S. Mary and Michael and All Saints Middlesex 1424 1823 or later
Beacon Street, hospital Staffordshire 1424 (circa)
S. Monica Piedmont 1425 1802 -- currently a school and a store
Ghent Ste-Barbe Flanders (East) 1425
S. Maties de Barcelona Catalonia 1426 Still extant
S. Antonio da Padova 1427
Marienbrink S. Mary 1427 1810, July
Sisters (1) Norfolk 1427 (circa) 1444
S. Giovanni Evangelista Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany 1427 or earlier
S. Maria Saint Mary Tuscany 1427 or earlier
S. Jacopo e S. Lorenzo Saint James / Saint Lawrence Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Giusto alle Mura Saint Justus Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Martino fuori la Porta al Prato Saint Martin Tuscany 1428 or earlier 1494 or later
S. Maria della Disciplina Saint Mary Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Maria a Verzaia Saint Mary Tuscany 1428 or earlier
S. Maria Degli Angeli Saint Mary / Saint Clare Tuscany 1429 1808
Maaseik S. Agnes Limbourg 1429
S. Vittore Piedmont 1430
S. Girolamo in Campansi Saint Jerome Tuscany 1430
Himmelskron 1430 or earlier
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany 1430 or earlier 1808
S. Agata Marche 1430 or earlier
Mont-Sion Brabant 1432
Terziarie di S. Francesco Piedmont 1433
Name unknown (Franciscans/Clares) 1433 1782
Galilee Flanders (East) 1433
S. Francesca Romana a Tor de'Specchi S. Maria Annunciata, S. Francesca Lazio 1434, July 4 (this is the date of the inaugural bull -- the original foundation date is unknown) Still extant as a Benedictine community
Ghent St-Agnes Flanders (East) 1435
S. Micheletto Saint Michael the Archangel (later Saint Francis and Saint Anthony of Padua) Tuscany 1435 (circa)
Eldagsen Blessed Virgin Mary 1435 (circa) 1575; 1647 (see below)
S. Romolo e S. Bartolomeo Saint Romuald (needs verification) / Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1437 1440
Corpus Domini Marche 1438 1732
Mont-St-Nicolas Brabant 1439
Wilberghaus 1439 (circa) 1579