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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Vinganya de Seros Catalonia 1236 1529
S. Annunziata Piedmont 1458 (circa)
S. Vittore delle Chiuse Marche
S. Maria Nuova Emilia-Romagna 1250 1799
S. Francesco delle Donne 1253 (as a female community. Male community on the site dates from earlier) 1815. Became a women's school of some kind. Currently a ceramic factory.
Klarissenkloster 1341 1803
Condom 6L 1269 or earlier
Ten Roosen Flanders (East) 1228-1235
le Moncel 6Q 1309
Lyon (S. Pierre-les-Nonnains) 6U 510 (circa). Refounded after destruction in early 9th century (?).
Denain 6M 764. Refounded c. 1029. 900-999 (10th century)?
Eibingen 1148; refounded in 1165 1802
Rouez 6Q 1122 at Cuissy. Refounded: 1139-1145 at Gerigny, after 1148 at Rouez. 1200-1299 (13th century)
S. Clara Catalonia 1308 1569
St Catherine de O'Conyl Limerick 1261 or earlier 1567 or earlier
S. Giovanni Battista Apulia 1000 (circa) 1887
S. Ippolito e S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont 1230: destroyed by the Alessandrini
S. Caterina Marche 850 or earlier still extant in the 19th c.
S. Nicolo 1460 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria de l‚Eula 1174 1567: repopulated with monks from Santes Creus.
Tückelhausen 1138 1360
Valenciennes 6M 680 (circa); Refounded in 749 for canons. 749 or earlier
Reims 6G 1220
Monce 6F 1212
Faremoutiers 6T 617 (circa)
Boisset 6C 1323
Weiher 1198
Gageborough Offaly 1200 or later (needs verification)
S. Bartholomew's, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland 1086 or earlier; one source gives c. 1135 as a foundation date: possibly a re-foundation? Needs verification. 1540
S. Barbato or S. Benedetto Apulia 1182 or earlier
S. Clara Piedmont 1300 1802, but restored later in the 19th c.
S. Chiara Marche 1323 1514 -- taken away from the Clarisses due to lax morality and given to Florentine nuns. Supressed in 18th c., re-opened in 1830.
Mount of Olives The Mount of Olives is considered a holy place in both the Jewish and Christian traditions. It is unknown when monasteries were first constructed on the mountain, although this likely began in the fourth century.
S. Sebastiano 1500 or earlier
S. Andrea di Laterina Tuscany 1361 or earlier
S. Maria 1367 or earlier 1466 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Inzigkoven 1354 1802
S. Maria
Vinets 6G 1155
S. Aubin 6O 1200
Nyoiseau 6P 1109, April 18 1792
Gigean 6I 1104 (circa)
Avigny 6K 1140 (circa) 1200-1299 (13th century)
Bruges Flanders (West) 1260 (circa)
Fooran Westmeath 1385 or earlier (needs verification) 1560-1600 (needs verification)
Eccles Berkshire 1156 or earlier 1609
Agata in Monte Piedmont 673 1782: the goods of the house were ceded to the civic hospital of S. Matteo. In 1813, the lands were bought by Count Giacomo Fantoni, who formed a public bath with the many rooms.
S. Pietro de Castelfaccio Piedmont 1092-4
Corpus Domini Marche 1438 1732
S. Colombano Emilia-Romagna 1347