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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
Grace-Dieu 6L 1249 or earlier
Caen (S. Trinite) Holy Trinity 6N 1066
Santa Maria degli Angeli Tuscany ca. 1377
S. Paolo 1555 or earlier
Name unknown Piedmont
S. Agata Marche 1430 or earlier
Mont-Thabor Antwerp 1459
S. Anna di Marmorata Anne LZ 1320 or earlier
Beaurepaire 6M 1182 or earlier
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1000 or earlier
S. Felicita di Firenze Saint Felicity Tuscany 1059
S. Croix de Volvestre 6L 1145 (circa)
Poussay 6K 1050 or earlier
Clairmarais 6G 1222 (circa)
S. Trinità
S. Chiara S. Elizabeth of Hungary and S. Francis 1285
S. Anna Piedmont 600-699 (circa)
Caioletto Marche
S. Maria Saint Mary Tuscany 1427 or earlier
Uachtair Áird Kildare 550-650 (circa)
Hesse 6K 1010 (circa)
Toulouse (S. Pantaleon) 6L 1350
Nazareth Antwerp 1230 (circa)
S. Chiara Chiara 1260/1269
S. Cecilia di Piombinara Cecilia LZ 1182 or earlier
Essen S. Pacratius (968/978); S. Bartholomew (first mentioned 1521); there is no mention of a particular patron saint for the convent. 1175
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany
S. Agostino alla Ginestra Saint Augustine Tuscany
Braunschweig Niedersachsen, district Bersenbrueck 1230 (circa)
S. Sperandio Saint Sperandio / Saint Mary Tuscany 1266
Valsauve 6I 1217 or earlier
Rieunette 6I 1162 or earlier
Monthieux 6U 587 (circa)
Fongrave 6A 1130
Bonlieu 6U 1171
S. Osberga Warwickshire 700 or earlier
S. Caterina Piedmont
Name unknown -- center for oblates and recluses Marche
Ath/Aat Namur 1234 or earlier
S. Salvatoris Holy Redeemer ("Saint Salvatoris"?) Tuscany 1100 or earlier
Eve 1292
S. Croce Holy Cross Tuscany
Enach Árd Sligo
Horsley Surrey 1199
Yerres 6T 1134
S. Gemme 6F 1148
Ormont 6G 1234 -- Refounded 1628 in Meaux.
Leyme 6L 1214