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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort ascending Date Terminated
Kaufungen Holy Cross; S. Salvator; S. Mary; S. Peter; All Saints 880-898 (circa) 1527
Rodez 6L 880 (circa)
Drübeck S. Mary, John the Baptist, S. Crispin 877 or earlier
Holzzelle 877
S. Pere de les Puelles Saint Peter Catalonia 875-899 1835, but the community re-formed in a new location after the supressions of 1879.
S. Peter and S. Paul Cheshire 875 or earlier 900 (circa), when it became a male monastery.
Mouzon 6G 875 or earlier 889 or earlier
Warwick 871 or before 1066 or before, possibly 1016
Cheddar 871 or before 1066 or later
Wunstorf S. Peter 871
Gerresheim S. Hippolytus; Blessed Virgin Mary 870 (circa) 1806
Neuenheerse S. Mary, S. Saturnina 868 or earlier 1811
Vezelay 6D 867 (circa) 890 (circa)
della Berardenga Holy Savior (needs verification) / Saint Alexander (needs verification) Tuscany 867 1003 (given to male monastery)
Meschede S. Mary, S. Walburgis 860 (circa) 1310 -- community transferred to male canons; final dissolution October 1805.
Herzebrock S. Christina, S. Petronella 860 (840?) 1803, May 2
Autun Saint-Andoche Saint-Andoche 6D 859 or earlier (for female community -- see "foundation info" below)
S. Simmetrio e S. Cesario Corsarum Simmetrius / Cesarius / Virgin Mary LZ 855 or earlier 1219 or earlier (later restored)
Origny - S. Benoite 6Q 854 (circa)
Ridigippi 853-876
Brunshausen Bonifatius; (S. Anastasius, Innocent, Stephan protomartyr (although not according to Germania Benedictina)); Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 852-853 (see "foundation information," below)
S. Andreas Saint Andrew Tuscany 852 (traditionally)
Gandersheim S. Anastasius; S. Innocent; S. John the Baptist 852 (circa) 1810
Freckenhorst S. Mary, S. Peter, S. Boniface 851 (circa) 1810-11
Essen S. Cosmas, S. Damian, S. Mary, holy Trinity 850-860 (circa) 1803
S. Caterina Marche 850 or earlier still extant in the 19th c.
Bassum S. Victor and Mauritius (first mentioned in 1289); Mary 849-865 (circa) still extant
S. Colombanus Saint Colombanus Tuscany 847
Lammspringe S. Mary (872, 1138, 1335); Hadrian (872); Dionysios (mentioned 1178) 845 (circa)
Erstein Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Caecilia; S. Agatha 840 (circa) 1437
Bruyere 6U 840 (circa)
Gy-les-Nonnains 6F 840 (circa)
Sarrazac 6L 840 900-999 (10th century)?
Polesworth Edith Warwickshire 839-980. 1539, January 3
Vreden S. Felicitas 839 or earlier 1810
S. Ginese Saint Ginesius Tuscany 839 (circa)
Böddeken S. Meinolphus; S. Mary and S. John 837 1409
le Mans (S. Sauveur) 6P 836 or earlier 900-999 (10th century)?
Wilton S. Mary, Bartholomew, and after 984 to Edith. Wiltshire 830 (circa) 1539
S. Zaccaria 829 C.E.
S. Benedetto e S. Scolastica Saint Benedict / Saint Scolastica Tuscany 823 or earlier
S. Benedetto in Gotella Saint Benedict Tuscany 823 or earlier
Herford S. Mary; S. Pusinna 823 (circa -- although Schmitz-Kallenberg puts the date at c. 789) 1631; 1802
Lindau (Canonesses) Mary (unsere liebe Frau) 822 (circa) 1802
S. Lucia Saint Lucy Tuscany 818 or earlier 1260 or earlier
S. Pedro and S. Pablo de Nazaoba 818 946 or earlier
Limoges 6J 817 or earlier
S. Giovanni in Appentino (male?) John LZ 816 or earlier
S. Trinità Marche 816 (circa): this is the year in which the church was consecrated.
Langres (St-Pierre) 6G 814 or earlier 900-999 (10th century)