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Titlesort descending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Azille 6I 1361
B. Gemma
Baile Muirne Cork 500 or later (needs verification) 1172 or earlier (needs verification)
Baile na Caillighe Limerick 1283 1548 or earlier
Ballymacadane Cork 1450 (circa) (needs verification) 1539 (needs verification)
Ballymore Saint Mary Westmeath 1218 1470
Ballynagalliagh Sligo 1223 or later (needs verification) 1562 or earlier (needs verification)
Bamberg, Michelsberg Saint Michael 1017 1802
Bar-sur-Aube 6G 1239
Barking S. Mary and S. Ethelburga Essex 666 (traditional date) 1539
Barrow Gurney S.Mary, S. Edward, and in the 15th century the Holy Trinity Somershire 1200 or earlier 1536
Barthe 1204
Basse-Fontaine 6G 1143
Bassum S. Victor and Mauritius (first mentioned in 1289); Mary 849-865 (circa) still extant
Bath, Cathedral Priory Somershire 676 758, Before becoming a male community
Battant 6H 1227 (circa)
Baume-les-Dames 6H 670 (circa)
Bayonne 6A 1283 or earlier
Baysdale S. Mary Yorkshire 1162 (circa) 1536-7 (needs verification)
Bazas 6A 500-599?
Beacon Street, hospital Staffordshire 1424 (circa)
Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire
Beata Antonia 15th c.?
Beaufays 6D 1126 (circa)
Beaulieu 6I 1298
Beaulieu 6G 1140 (circa)
Beaulieu (S. Antoine) St-Antoine 6L 1259 or earlier
Beaulieu-en-Roannais 6U 1121 or earlier
Beaulieu-les-Sin-le-Noble 6M 1224 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Autels 6F 1130 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Clermont 6C 665 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Nonnains 6Q 1222 (circa) 1225-1299 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Tours Notre Dame 6F 1002 (circa) 1070-1100? Legend has it there was an early medieval monastery on the site
Beaupre Flanders (West) 1228
Beaupre-sur-la-Lys 6M 1204
Beaurepaire 6M 1182 or earlier
Beauvais 6Q 1217. Refounded: 14th century moves to Penthemont near Paris .
Beauvoir 6F 1234
Bebaia Elpis Mother of God Bebaia Elpis "Sure Hope" 1327-35
Bedburg S. John the Baptist 1201 or earlier (see "foundation information," below) 1804
Bedwyn 900 - 950 or before 1066 or earlier
Begno Marche
Beguines Provence c. 1250 01-24-1414 (absorbed into Franciscan house at Marseille)
Belhomer 6F 1132 or earlier
Belian Hainault 1243-1245
Belle Tanche 6K 1140 (circa)
Belleau 6G 1242 (circa)
Bellecombe 6C 1130-39, according to Berman; but possibly as late as 1148
Belmont-aux-Nonnains 6G 1140 or earlier