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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Serafia Piedmont 1191
S. Maria delle Virgini Marche 1170-1200 (circa -- although Cottineau gives 1460 as foundation date)
S. Caterina 1281 or earlier
Frauweiler 1452 or earlier 1540 (circa)
Hamewiller 6K 1130 (circa) at Justemont. Refounded: 1153-1184 at Hamewiller. 1224 or later
Parc-les-Dames Brabant 1215 or earlier
Megemont 6C 1274 or earlier
Epluques 6Q 1234
le Betton 6U 1150
Braunschweig Niedersachsen, district Bersenbrueck 1230 (circa)
Santissima Trinità Apulia
S. Caterina di Cento Emilia-Romagna 1796
S. Maria delle Vergini Marche 1350 1784, by Marcellini. Nuns were forced out for bad behavior between 1518 and 1520, and again in 1554-56. Finally supressed in 1784 and the nuns were divided between <C523>, S. Suca and <C517>.
S. Benigno 1270 (needs verification) 1486 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Caterina de Monte Sinai 1226 1470 (See
Vielmur-sur-l'Agout 6L 1048 or earlier
Rougemont 6D 1105 or earlier
Nevers (Notre-Dame) 6D 617 (circa). Refounded c. 849
Franchevaux 6D 1159
Aubenas 6U 1296 or earlier
Bourbon l'Archambault 6C 1172 (circa)
Klüppel 1313 or earlier
Keelty Sligo
S. Lampo Piedmont
S. Maria di Ravone Emilia-Romagna 1332
S. Domenico Marche 1400-1499 (15th century) -- supressed
Glastonbury 959 or later 970 or later
S. Antonio Abate 1406
S. Chiara Tuscany
Binderen 1231 (circa)
Echternach 11B 1348
S. Remy-des-Landes 6T 1160
la Saussaye 6T 1161
Harchies 6Q 1132 (circa) at Vicogne. Refounded: circa 1140 at Harchies. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Beaurepaire 6M 1182 or earlier
Cella Dominarum 6K 1140 or earlier 1320 (circa)
Baile Muirne Cork 500 or later (needs verification) 1172 or earlier (needs verification)
Grace Dieu Leiceistershire 1200 or later 1538
S. Chiara Piedmont 1480 or earlier unknown
S. Silvestro Marche 1259 (April 30): had earlier been occupied by Benedictine monks 1429 (January 26): see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Maria di Liviano 1411 -- by this date, all the nuns had died, and the community was re-incorporated into S. Pietro
Schwarzach 770 (circa) 877
Antwerp Antwerp 1279
Soyons 6U 1179 or earlier
Hof ten Vrouwen Flanders (West) 1135 circa at Veurnes. Refounded: circa 1179 at Hof ten Vrouwven.
Lisieux 6N 1050 (circa)
Larrey 6G 1078 (circa) 1400 (circa) -- handed over to monks
Corcelles 6H 1174 (circa)
S. Maria de Montalegre Catalonia 1200 (circa) 1593 - nuns were prohibited from admitting novices when they refused to accept Tridentine claustration rules. The community was converted into the Serminari Tridentí, while the two remaining canonesses went to two other communities.