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Title Dedication Regionsort ascending Date Founded Date Terminated
Inis Medhon Mayo 1223 or later 1587 (circa -- needs verification)
Errew Mayo
Annagh Mayo 1140 or earlier 1543 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Angelo di Voltorino Marches
S. Caterina Marche
S. Maria delle Virgini Marche 1170-1200 (circa -- although Cottineau gives 1460 as foundation date)
S. Maria di Valdisasso Marche 700 (circa -- traditional date. See "Foundation Information," below), but the first known document dates from the 11th c. 1814 (circa): Supressed in the Napoleonic period, but assigned to the Capuchin Mothers (con. osservanza) in 1833, and is still extant.
S. Margherita Marche 1367 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Silvestro Marche 1259 (April 30): had earlier been occupied by Benedictine monks 1429 (January 26): see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Maria del Donne Marche 1230
S. Maria delle Vergini Marche 1350 1784, by Marcellini. Nuns were forced out for bad behavior between 1518 and 1520, and again in 1554-56. Finally supressed in 1784 and the nuns were divided between <C523>, S. Suca and <C517>.
S. Domenico Marche 1400-1499 (15th century) -- supressed
S. Bartolomeo Marche 1268
S. Maria Annunziata Marche 1250 1482
S. Maria de Cantiro Marche 1271 1300-1399 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Croce Marche 1363 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Caterina Marche
S. Caterina Marche 990
S. Maria, Matteo and Antonio Marche
S. Maria Appenino Marche 900-999 (circa) 1441: incorporated into S. Venance de Fabriano
S. Agnese Marche 1367 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Ippolito Marche 600-750 (circa)
S. Liberato Marche
S. Margherita Martyr of Antioch Marche 1262 [1273?] 1518-1520. Revived in 1810 [1822?], but fell on hard times in 1861.
S. Andrea Marche 1073 1290-91 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Lucia Marche 1192
S. Maria de Nova S. Maria Novi Portus (5th century) Marche 1038
S. Marco Marche 1408 (September 30) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Maria Marche 1422 -- Supressed by Bishop Giovanni; at that time, it did not have any sisters.
S. Girolamo Marche 1376 or earlier
S. Gabriele & S. Bartolomeo Marche 1262, 11 March
Mantellate Marche 1200 (circa)
S. Maria di Chiaravalle Marche
S. Giovanni Marche
S. Lorenzo Marche 1296
S. Luca Marche 1408 (September 30) -- see "Incorportated By," below.
S. Maria di Leveriano sull'Aso Marche
S. Giorgio (Alvaneto) Marche
S. Caterina da Siena Marche founded after Bishop Constanzo da Fabriano's death [date]
S. Maria delle Grazie Marche
S. Giacomo Marche 1300 (circa)
S. Bartolome de Cantiro Marche 1408, 30 September (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Giuliano Marche 1216 1463 -- supressed; restored in 1875. Extant as of 1980.
S. Benedetto in Cippo di Vallimstre Marche 1006
S. Angelo in Fossis Marche 1265 or earlier 1273 or later (circa -- see "Incorporated By," below.)
S. Daniele Marche 1383, June 3 (see "Incorporated by," below).
S. Vincenzo Marche
S. Andrea delle Vigne Marche 1305, 16 April 1408 -- See "Incorporated By," below.
S. Caterina Marche 1226 (year in which the monastery church was consecrated) 1463: monastery was disbanded due to lax morality, and the monastery was ceded to the Augustinian Canons Regular of S. Marco de Rivocello by Pius II.
S. Tommaso Marche