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Titlesort descending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Holy Trinity Trinity Suffolk 1251 or earlier 1754 or earlier
Holystone 19th c. dedication to S. Mary, see Power Northamptonshire [Northumberland] 1124-1152, possibly earlier 1539
Holzen 1150 (circa) 1802
Holzzelle 877
Hombeek Antwerp 1233
Homblieres 6Q 650 (circa) 949 -- house turned over to Benedictine monks
Homburg Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Mary; S. Christopher; S. Mauritius Sachsen-Thueringen 1000-1099 1136 (female); 1539 (final dissolution)
Honnecourt 6M 691 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)? By 911, the community had been refounded as a house for monks only.
Hopels 1290
Horeen 9K 627 (circa)
Horsley Surrey 1199
Horton Wolfrida Dorsetshire 1000 or earlier 1050 (circa)
Hospital of S. Mary Magdalen S. Mary Magdalene Norfolk 1145 1549. The buildings were sacked during Ket's Rebellion in 1549.
Hospital of S. Mary, Yarmouth S. Mary Norfolk 1278 or earlier 1545 or later
Hospital of S. Paul S. Paul Norfolk 1100 or later
Hospital of Walsoken Holy Trinity Norfolk 1200 or earlier 1545
Hoydonck 10G 1144
Hüls 1450 or earlier
Huy Saint Aldegonde Liege 1449
Huysburg Blessed Virgin Mary 1084 1411 (female); 1804 (male)
Ickleton S. Mary Magdalene Cambridge 1163 or earlier 1536
Ilchester 2X 1281 or earlier 1423
Ilford S. Mary; Thomas Mar Essex 1140 (circa) ?
Immacolata Concezione Immaculate Conception Tuscany 1336
Inis Leamhnachta Tipperary unknown 1228
Inis Loinge Limerick (uncertain)
Inis Medhon Mayo 1223 or later 1587 (circa -- needs verification)
Inkberrow Worcestershire 693 or earlier 1000 or earlier
Innessa <a href= >Cazzo</a> [link= ]Cazzo[/link] [url=]Cazzo[/url] New York <a href= >Cazzo</a> [link= ]Cazzo[/link] [url=]Cazzo[/url] <a href= >Cazzo</a> [link= ]Cazzo[/link] [url=]Cazzo[/url]
Inzigkoven 1354 1802
Iona St Mary ARG 1208 or earlier 1547
Irnaide Tyrone 739 or earlier 1600-1680 (circa)
Isenhagen S. Mary and S. John 1243 (circa) male; between March 24, 1259-September 14, 1261 female still extant
Iseure 6C 1151
Isny S.George; S.Jacob Wuerttemberg 1065- 1190; 1803
Iuxta Thermas Agrippianas female (needs verification) LZ 599 or earlier
Ivinghoe Margaret Hertfordshire 1107-1129 1539 (circa)
jackevlc Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
jackidxc Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
jackrrqy Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
jackuznl Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
jackzwae Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jarsay 6F 1110 (circa)
Javages 6Q 1124 or 1126 at Valsery. Refounded: 1148 at Javages. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Jemgum 1284
Jerpoint Kilkenny unknown 1228
Johannisberg S. John the Baptist Hessen-Nassau 1090
Johnouhqn Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown