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Titlesort ascending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Maria Madalena Marche 1200
S. Maria Liberatrice Virgin Mary LZ 1200 (circa -- needs verification) 1900 or earlier
S. María la Real de Sijena Catalonia 1187
S. Maria in Volturna Virgin Mary LZ 1320 or earlier 1400-1499 (15th century) -- later restored
S. Maria in Valverde Virgin Mary LZ 1293 1301 or earlier: properties to male monastery
S. Maria in Trastevere 1223-1228
S. Maria in Sextuno Umbria 770 (circa) 1153 or earlier
S. Maria in Selci Virgin Mary LZ 1182 or earlier 1470 -- properties given to male monastery
S. Maria in Petrochia Virgin Mary LZ 1350-1400 (circa) 1400 or later
S. Maria in Josephat Piedmont
S. Maria in Giulia Virgin Mary / Anastasius / Anne (second half of 17th century) LZ 806 1816
S. Maria in Colle Saint Mary Tuscany 1089 1276 (circa)
S. Maria in Cannella Virgin Mary LZ 1100 (circa -- needs verification) 1200 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Maria in Campo Marzio Virgin Mary / Gregory Nazianzus / Quirinus LZ 752 or earlier (traditionally) 1873
S. Maria im Kapitol S. Maria circa 689; before 965 1803
S. Maria e S. Romano Saint Mary/ Saint Romanus Tuscany 792 or earlier 1017 or later
S. Maria e S. Nicola in Acqua Salvia Virgin Mary / Nicholas LZ 992 1000 (circa -- needs verification)
S. Maria e S. Giuseppe sul Prato Saint Mary/ Saint Joseph Tuscany 1480 or earlier 1490 or later
S. Maria e S. Domenico Virgin Mary / Dominic LZ 1000-1100 (circa -- needs verification) 1000-1100 (circa -- needs verification)
S. Maria e S. Caterina Virgin Mary / Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Maria e S. Biagio LZ 921 1560
S. Maria di Viano LZ 1256 or earlier 1431 or earlier
S. Maria di Valverde Saint Mary Tuscany 1134 or earlier 1386
S. Maria di Valverde 1302 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria di Valfabbrica 1296 or earlier (needs verification) 1383 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria di Valdisasso Marche 700 (circa -- traditional date. See "Foundation Information," below), but the first known document dates from the 11th c. 1814 (circa): Supressed in the Napoleonic period, but assigned to the Capuchin Mothers (con. osservanza) in 1833, and is still extant.
S. Maria di Val Verde 1296 1445 (See
S. Maria di Sovereto Apulia
S. Maria di Rosano Saint Mary Tuscany 780 (circa)
S. Maria di Ricorboli Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Maria di Ravone Emilia-Romagna 1332
S. Maria di Procina Apulia 1200-1299 (needs verification)
S. Maria di Pontetetto Saint Mary Tuscany 1095 1404 (circa) -- see "Incorporated By," below
S. Maria di Palazzolo Virgin Mary LZ 1134 or earlier 1442 -- properties given to male monastery
S. Maria di Nazareth della Vezza Emilia-Romagna ca. 1300
S. Maria di Montignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1088
S. Maria di Montedomini Tuscany 1311
S. Maria di Montecristo 1248 or earlier 1794 (See "Visitations," below)
S. Maria di Mantignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1276 or earlier 1303 or later
S. Maria di Lupeto Saint Mary Tuscany 1334 or earlier see "Incorporated By," below
S. Maria di Liviano 1411 -- by this date, all the nuns had died, and the community was re-incorporated into S. Pietro
S. Maria di Leveriano sull'Aso Marche
S. Maria di Fontana Emilia-Romagna 1300
S. Maria di Cortona Saint Mary Tuscany 1258
S. Maria di Chiaravalle Marche
S. Maria di Certosa Piedmont 1274 (November 2) 1537 or earlier: inhabited by monks until 1614.
S. Maria di Castel de' Britti Emilia-Romagna 1366
S. Maria di Caramagna Piedmont 1028 (May 28) 1460, under Felix V
S. Maria di Camiano 1349 or earlier 1413 (See
S. Maria di Biliemme Emilia-Romagna 1436