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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Domus Dei Piedmont
S. Michele Marche 1067 or earlier (The house was granted privileges by Biship Bernard II in 1067, and the name, at least, is found in a doument by Otto II, addressed to Adamo, Bishop of Ascoli. 1460 (August 12), per the Bull of Paul II. Nuns were transferred to S. Maria delle Donne (see <C488>), and the house was given to the Olivitani.
S. Damiano Tuscany 1400 or earlier
S. Tommaso 1235
Seumay Brabant 1129 at Heylissem. Refounded: circa 1154 at Seumay. 1299 or earlier (13th century)
Val-de-Grace 6T 1183 and earlier
Petit-Bigard Brabant 1235
Mercoire 6I 1207 (circa)
Epargnemail 6Q 1137 (circa)
Biaches 6Q 1235
S. Croce Apulia 1324
S. Caterina Piedmont 1300-1330 (circa) 1802
S. Paolo Marche 1406, February 26 (see "Incorporated By," below)
White Monastery Upper Egypt. In late antiquity, the monastery was in the Panopolite nome under the metropolis of Panopolis. Fourth century
S. Caterina 1234 or earlier
S. Giacomo 1573 or earlier
Rothenburg (Tertiaries) before 1400 1555
Galilee Flanders (East) 1433
Vienne (Notre-Dame) 6U 500-599 (6th century)?. Refounded by 1281.
Rousillon 6S 1234
Newington 2P 1085 (circa)
Fronsac 6A 1100 or earlier
Aubepierre 6J 1272 or earlier
Vortleve 1271
Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary 1385 or earlier (needs verification) 1542 or earlier (needs verification)
Oxenford Surrey 1305 or earlier 1305
Bretford Warwickshire 1154 or earlier 1167 or earlier
S. Maria Vergine Piedmont 901 (June 18)
S. Margherita Marche 1367 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Maria Maddalena delle Repentite Emilia-Romagna 1355 1799
S. Maria Maddalena 1235 1458 -- The community had only one member, so Pope Pius II united its goods with those of the bishopric, which itself had an income of only 300 fiorini annually.
S. Giacomo di Cuti
l'Espinasse 6L 1114
S. Saens 6O 1167 (circa)
Paris (S. Antoine-des-Champs) 6T 1198 1795
Auterives 6L 1256
Beauvoir 6F 1234
la Celle 6S 1160 or earlier
S. Maria de Vallbona Catalonia 1176 Still active
Inkberrow Worcestershire 693 or earlier 1000 or earlier
S. Caterina Piedmont 1342 1596 (October 17) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Caterina Marche
S. Maria delle Pugliole Emilia-Romagna 1525
Bury St. Edmonds 1066 or before 1086 or later
S. Maria della Misericordia 1358, Nov. 14
Hofen 1085 (circa) 1422
Spermalie Flanders (West) 1200
Lectoure 6L 1320 or earlier
Lissac 6L 1286
Lyon (S. Eulalie) 6U 550 (circa) 655 (circa) -- turned over to men, nuns join <C1840> in the city