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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Bonlieu 6U 1171
Cluain Ferta Brenaind Galway 560 (circa)/ 1144 (needs verification) 1550-1600 (needs verification)
S. Maria di Sovereto Apulia
Tunstall Double Monastery Lincolnshire 1148-1160 (circa). Before c. 1170 it was joined to Bullington. 1189 or earlier
S. Pietro Piedmont 1100 or earlier
Mantellate Marche 1200 (circa)
S. Mostiola 1296 or earlier
Kamp 1378
S. Angelo in Arcaltis Tuscany 1357 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Yerres 6T 1134
S. Gemme 6F 1148
Ormont 6G 1234 -- Refounded 1628 in Meaux.
Benedetta 1453 (circa)
Leyme 6L 1214
S. Maria Magdalena Catalonia 1372 Still Active
Bussieres 6C 1159
Errew Mayo
S. Hieronymus 1384
Sisters (1) Norfolk 1427 (circa) 1444
S. Giacomo e Filippo Piedmont 1299
St. Kinga
Wareham hospital Dorsetshire 1418 or earlier
S. Maria Marche 1422 -- Supressed by Bishop Giovanni; at that time, it did not have any sisters.
S. Lucia
S. Lorenzo a Montevarchi Tuscany 1277
Park Brabant 1128 13th century
Libaud 6P 1136 or earlier
le Sauvoir-sous-Laon 6Q 1228 (circa)
Pontratier 6C 1208 or earlier
Argenteuil 6T 660 (circa); refounded c. 1000 1129
Landais 6F 1115, for men and women together 1129 -- became a strictly male community
Chezeaux 6D 1150
Stone Staffordshire 1066 or earlier, possibly as early as the seventh century. 1122-1125, when the community was granted to the male Augustinian monastery of Kenilworthy . By this time the nuns were most likely gone.
S. Maria Piedmont 1100 (circa)
S. Agostino di Fossa Cavallina Emilia-Romagna 1332
S. Giovanni Marche
S. Maria Nova 1350 or earlier 1364 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Iuxta Thermas Agrippianas female (needs verification) LZ 599 or earlier
S. Agnese 1394 (circa) 1801, July 25 (see
Hamage-les-Marchiennes 6M 649 (circa). Refounded during 11th century for Benedictine monks. 800-899 (9th century)
Toulouse (S. Cyprien) 6L 1324 or earlier
Moustier-sur-Sambre Namur 661 (circa); refounded: circa 901 . 800-899 (9th century)
Vivegnis Liege 1123 at Beaufays. Refounded: 1230-1238 at Vivegnis.
le Mans (S. Aubin) 6P 680 (circa) 900-999 (10th century)?
Dorengt 6Q 1126 (circa) at Clairefontaine . Refounded: 13th century at Dorengt.
sul monastery de rieunette Centre 1173
Severac-le-Chateau 6L 1103 1147 or earlier: by this date, there are monks here, the early female community vanished
Manuel WLO 1164 or earlier 1599
S. Andrea Apulia 1200 or earlier
S. Maria del Cestello Emilia-Romagna 1473