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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Kilburn S. Mary and John the Baptist Middlesex 1130 (circa) 1536
Marrick S. Mary and Andrew of Marrick, to whom the original parish church was dedicated. Yorkshire 1154-58 or earlier 1540
Woodstock S. Mary and S. Mary Magdalene Oxford 1235 or earlier
Wintney S. Mary and S. Mary Magdalene and S. John the Baptist Hampshire 1154-1161. 1536
Armathwaite S. Mary and Jesus Christ Cumberland 1200 or earlier 1537
Tarrant S. Mary and All Saints Dorsetshire 1196 (circa) 1539
Chatteris S. Mary and All Saints Cambridge 1006-16 (though one source attributes foundation to after 1066) 1538
Marienstein S. Mary (the visitation of Mary); S. John the Evangelist; all Apostles and Evangelists 1460 1804-1807
S. Marien (S. Mary's) S. Mary (the convent also had altars to S. Pantaleon, Anna, and Thomas) 973 (939, according to Kramer) 1570, October 1
S. Marienstern S. Mary (needs verification) 1248, October 13 still extant
Königshofen an der Heide S. Mary (Maria) 1422 1478, female; (1495) male
Sonnefeld S. Mary (Blessed Virgin) 1262 1525-1531
Kreuztal S. Mary (Blessed Virgin Mary) 1237-1243 1582
Lichtenthal S. Mary (Blessed Virgin Mary) 1245 1789 (circa)
Marienbrunn S. Mary (?) 1223 1802
Lammspringe S. Mary (872, 1138, 1335); Hadrian (872); Dionysios (mentioned 1178) 845 (circa)
Bergedorf S. Mary (1194/98) 1192-1198 1217-1226
Lüne S. Mary (1172) and S. Bartholomew (1200); (see also miscellaneous information) 1172 (circa) still extant
Kemnade S. Mary (1004); Margaret (1150/60) 959-965 1579
Whistones S. Mary Magdalene Worcestershire 1237-1240. 1536
Hospital of S. Mary Magdalen S. Mary Magdalene Norfolk 1145 1549. The buildings were sacked during Ket's Rebellion in 1549.
S. Mary Magdalen S. Mary Magdalene Somershire 1212 or earlier 1540 or later
Davington S. Mary Magdalene Kent 1153 1535
Elstow S. Mary and S. Helen, and The Holy Trinity Bedfordshire 1075-78 (circa) 1539
Neasham S. Mary Durham 1156 or earlier 1540
Brenkhausen S. Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 1234 1803
S. Mary without Bishopsgate S. Mary Middlesex 1197 1538
Broadholme Double Monastery S. Mary Nottinghampshire 1154 or earlier, perhaps as early as 1143 when cannons of the male monastery Newhouse arrived from Flanders; community of both brothers and sisters since 1319. 1536
Campsey S. Mary Suffolk 1195 1536
Holthausen S. Mary 1243 1810, September 16
S. Mary within Cripplegate S. Mary Middlesex 1000 or earlier is probable 1329
Southwark female (needs verification) S. Mary Surrey 1065 or earlier (needs verification) 1066 or earlier
Malton S. Mary Yorkshire 1150 (circa) 1539
Börstel S. Mary Niedersachsen, district Lippstadt 1244; before 1246 still extant
Pinley S. Mary Warwickshire 1135 or earlier 1536
Langley S. Mary Leiceistershire 1154 (circa) 1536
Bocholt (black nuns) S. Mary Niedersachsen, district Ahaus 1309 or earlier 1802
Nottingham, Plumtree's Hospital S. Mary Nottingham 1392 1546 or earlier
Nuneaton S. Mary Warwickshire 1147-1155 1539
Westwood S. Mary Worcestershire 1154-1189 1536-7
Himmelpforten S. Mary 1246 (circa) 1804
Elsing Spital S. Mary Middlesex 1331 1536
Watton Double Monastery S. Mary Yorkshire 1150 (circa) 1539
De la Pre S. Mary Northamptonshire 1145 (circa) 1539
Wolverhampton S. Mary Staffordshire 1392-5 1514 or later
Aland S. Mary Niedersachsen (lower Saxony), district Emden 1150 (circa) 1565 or earlier
Ahlen S. Mary Niedersachsen (lower Saxony), district Beckum 1468-1472 1814-16
Wothorpe S. Mary Northamptonshire 1160 (circa) 1353-4
Brewood Black Ladies S. Mary Staffordshire 1150 or earlier, although one source says that it was founded during the reign of Richard I and was a dependency of Blackborough, but further research is necessary to verify this. 1538
Orford S. Mary Lincolnshire 1153-1156 (circa) 1539