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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Cell Achid Conchinn Cork
Digne 6S 1367 or earlier
S. Giuliana 1253, September 1810 - becomes a granary. In 1816 the properties revert to the church, but the nuns were expelled again in 1869, and the monastery became a military hospital. Became a church once again in 1937.
la Salvetat-de-Montdragon 6L 1260 (circa)
Name unknown Piedmont
S. Agata Marche 1430 or earlier
Valnegre 6L 1206 or earlier
Remiremont 6K 620 (circa)
S. Daniel i S. Clara Catalonia 1237 1952 (see "Incorporated by," below)
Notre Dame du Lys 1244
Montauban 6L 1258
Floreffe Namur 1121 1270
S. Maria del Paradiso 1291 (circa) 1459 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Bonlieu 6U 1160
S. Nicola Vergini Apulia 1503-1505 after an epidemic and financial difficulties
S. Anna Piedmont 600-699 (circa)
Leau Brabant 1484
Caioletto Marche
Waasmunster Flanders (East) 1238
S. Cyr-au-Val-de-Gallie 6T 1156 (circa)
Origny - S. Benoite 6Q 854 (circa)
Áth dá Loarg Meath 440-500 (circa)
Maihingen 1473
Gosnay 6M 1329
S. Caterina della Scala 1421
le Bugue 6A 970-1000 (circa)
Ebchester Durham 660 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
S. Martino Apulia 1165 1290 or earlier (See "Foundation Information," below)
S. Catarina 1309
Le Scalze Piedmont 1465 1855
S. Salvatore di Valle Marche 1008 or earlier 1104 or earlier (probable: No documentation after this date)
Gesuate in Città di Castello
Millau 6L 1291
Avenay 6G 660 (circa)
le Saulchoir Hainault 1233
Pont-de-Gennes 6P 1100 (circa)
SS. Ludovico e Alessio Emilia-Romagna 1798
Jully-les-Nonnains 6D 1113
Bedwyn 900 - 950 or before 1066 or earlier
Chazeau-les-Cornillon 6U 1332
S. Domenico Piedmont 1455 1800 -- the nuns went to <C684>, and their monastery was supressed in 1810.
S. Margherita Marche
S. Giovanni delle Rocche
Dominae de Campo S. Petro Tuscany 1302 or earlier
degli Angeli Tuscany 1333 or earlier 1404 or later
Fieux 6L 1297 or earlier
Belian Hainault 1243-1245
Thorn 10F 992
Mont-Sainte-Catherine Brabant 1251 or earlier
S. Maria de Bovera Catalonia 1195 1237 - 1589: part of the remaining members went to <C1235>, and another part were incorporated by <C1250>.. in 1589, the three final nuns were transferred to <C1232>.