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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort descending Date Terminated
S. Martino a Maiano Saint Martin Tuscany 1067 (circa) 1808
S. Michele Marche 1067 or earlier (The house was granted privileges by Biship Bernard II in 1067, and the name, at least, is found in a doument by Otto II, addressed to Adamo, Bishop of Ascoli. 1460 (August 12), per the Bull of Paul II. Nuns were transferred to S. Maria delle Donne (see <C488>), and the house was given to the Olivitani.
S. Gaudenzio Piedmont 1069
Goettweig Blessed Virgin Mary, S. Blasius Lower Austria 1070 1557
S. Giorgio 1070
Millstatt S. Salvator; S. Domitian 1070 1469
Lincoln (Needs Verification) 1072 or before 1072 or after
S. Andrea Marche 1073 1290-91 (see "Incorporated By," below).
Admont S. Blasius, Virgin Mary 1074
Hohenwart unknown 1074 1895
S. Pedro de las Dueñas 1075
S. Spirito sulla Costa Holy Spirit Tuscany 1075 (circa)
Elstow S. Mary and S. Helen, and The Holy Trinity Bedfordshire 1075-78 (circa) 1539
Larrey 6G 1078 (circa) 1400 (circa) -- handed over to monks
S. Cecilia d'Elins Catalonia 1079 (existed as a male community since c. 800) 1383: Bishop Berenguer d‚Erill supressed the community, but the nuns refused to abandon it until 1392, when they moved on to the community at Castellbò, where, a little later, the community died out.
Ezanville 6T 1080 (circa)
S. Trinità Apulia 1080-1120
Santissima Trinità Apulia 1080-1120 (circa)
Klosterreichenbach Wurttemberg 1082
Lyminster S. Mary Sussex 1082 (circa) 1414 (circa), given to Eton College.
West Preston (needs verification) 1082 or before 1086 or later
Huysburg Blessed Virgin Mary 1084 1411 (female); 1804 (male)
Ros Airthir St. Fuinche Fermanagh 1084, although possibly an earlier foundation during the 5th century
Blaubeuren For the men's community: S John the Baptist; For the women's community S Nicholas, S Nympha Wurttemberg 1085 Women's community terminated in 1348 (through plague); Men's community terminated in 1556
S. Pietro di Luco di Mugello Saint Peter / Saint Mary Tuscany 1085 1356
Etrun 6M 1085 (circa)
Hofen 1085 (circa) 1422
S. Paolo e S. Stefano Saint Paul and Saint Stephen Tuscany 1086
Evesham Worcestershire 1086 or earlier
Newcastle Bartholomew Northumberland 1086 or earlier, but one source attributes the foundation to as late as the 1140's. 1540, January 3
S. Bartholomew's, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland 1086 or earlier; one source gives c. 1135 as a foundation date: possibly a re-foundation? Needs verification. 1540
Sheppey Kent 1087 (at Sheppey) 1536
Lippoldsberg S.George Hessen-Nassau 1088 1566
S. Ippolito Hypolitus LZ 1088 1264 or earlier (converted into a male community)
S. Giacomo de Murorupto 1088 1256 (See
S. Maria di Montignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1088
S. Nicholas Yorkshire 1088-12 1537
Villesalem 6R 1089
Zwiefalten Blessed Virgin Mary; S. John the Baptist Wuerttemberg 1089 1350 circa (women); 1803 (men)
S. Martino Saint Martin Tuscany 1089 1414 or later
S. Maria in Colle Saint Mary Tuscany 1089 1276 (circa)
Johannisberg S. John the Baptist Hessen-Nassau 1090
S. Martino a Mensola Saint Martin Tuscany 1090 (circa) 1451 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Malling S. Mary and S. Andrew Kent 1090-95 (circa); 1077-1108 1538
S. Frediano Saint Fredianus Tuscany 1091 1181
S. Pietro de Castelfaccio Piedmont 1092-4
Name unknown Piedmont 1093 or earlier
S. Pietro Piedmont 1094
S. Simone e S. Guida Piedmont 1094 1400-1499 (15th c.)
S. Sepulchre Holy Sepulchre, James, and after 1148, to Catherine. Lincolnshire 1094 or later 1538