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Titlesort ascending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Aland S. Mary Niedersachsen (lower Saxony), district Emden 1150 (circa) 1565 or earlier
Aix-en-Provence 1303
Ahlen S. Mary Niedersachsen (lower Saxony), district Beckum 1468-1472 1814-16
Aguas Cálidas 790
Agnetenberg S. Agnes(?) 1458 1812
Aglaien-sisterhood 1391 1580 (circa)
Aghade Carlow 1151 (circa) 1500 or earlier (needs verification)
Agata in Monte Piedmont 673 1782: the goods of the house were ceded to the civic hospital of S. Matteo. In 1813, the lands were bought by Count Giacomo Fantoni, who formed a public bath with the many rooms.
Admont S. Blasius, Virgin Mary 1074
Adelhausen Bavaria (Bayern) 1245 or earlier 1867
Adelberg Swabia ca. 1178
Addrigoole Saint Bairre Laois 600 or earlier (needs verification) 1240 (circa)
Aconbury Holy Cross Herefordshire 1199-1216 (circa), though some sources say after 1237. Needs verification. 1539 (needs verification)
Achad Beithe Fermanagh
Abingdon St. Helen and the Holy Cross 939-940 946 or later
Aberdour 1486 1560
Abbotsbury (needs verification) St. Peter 1026 or earlier According to Dubdale, the male monastery was surrendered in 1539
Abbenrode Blessed Virgin Mary 1252 1554
Abbaye-aux-Bois 1202. Refounded: 16th century relocation to Paris.
Aachen-Burtscheid S. Nicholaus, S. John the Baptist 1220 (female) 1803