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Titlesort ascending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Buckland S. John the Baptist Somershire 1180 (circa) 1539
Bucilly 6Q 950 (circa) 1100 (circa)? Exact date uncertain, but in 1148, the house was refounded as a male Premonstratensian community.
Buchau S. Cornelius; S. Cyprian 800-899 (9th century) 1802
Bubenkirchen 1392 or earlier 1520-30 (circa)
Bruyeres-le-Chatel 6T 670 800-899 (9th century). Refounded in 1080 for Benedictine monks.
Bruyeres 6Q 1130 at Braine. Refounded: Circa 1140 at Bruyeres. 1200-1299 (circa)
Bruyere 6U 840 (circa)
Brussells (S. Catherine) Saint Catherine Brabant 1232 (circa)
Brunshausen Bonifatius; (S. Anastasius, Innocent, Stephan protomartyr (although not according to Germania Benedictina)); Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 852-853 (see "foundation information," below)
Bruisyard S. Mary Annunciation Suffolk 1364-6 1539
Bruges Flanders (West) 1260 (circa)
Broomhall Berkshire 1158 or earlier
Broadholme Double Monastery S. Mary Nottinghampshire 1154 or earlier, perhaps as early as 1143 when cannons of the male monastery Newhouse arrived from Flanders; community of both brothers and sisters since 1319. 1536
Brive-la-Gaillarde 6J 1296 or earlier
Bristol S. Mary Magdalene Gloucestershire 1173 1536
Brienne 6U 1259
Bricot-en-Brie 6G 1150 (circa)
Brewood White Ladies S. Leonard Salisbury 1100-1199 (12th century) 1538
Brewood Black Ladies S. Mary Staffordshire 1150 or earlier, although one source says that it was founded during the reign of Richard I and was a dependency of Blackborough, but further research is necessary to verify this. 1538
Breuil 6K 700-799 (8th century)?. Refounded: 1096 for monks. 1037 -- destroyed by fire
Bretford Warwickshire 1154 or earlier 1167 or earlier
Brenkhausen S. Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 1234 1803
Bregille 6H 660 (circa) 770-800 (circa)
Bredelar S. Mary and S. Laurentius Niedersachsen 1170 1196
Bredelar S. Laurentius; later Mary 1169-1170 1196
Brayelle-les-Annay, la 6M 1196. Refounded: circa 1250 the nuns moved locations owing to poverty: GC 2, n. xxvi, p.98.
Braunschweig Niedersachsen (lower saxony) before 11241 continues?
Braunschweig Niedersachsen, district Bersenbrueck 1230 (circa)
Brasschaat Antwerp 1483
Brageac 6C 1100 (circa) as a female community -- see "foundation information," below
Bragayrac 6L 1122
Bradford-on-Avon Holy Trinity? 1001 ?
Boxwell Uncertain uncertain
Bouxieres-aux-Dames 6K 930
Bourges (St-Hippolyte) S. Hippolyte 6F 1145 or earlier
Bourges (S. Pierre-le-Puellier) 6F 700-799 (8th century) 800-899 (9th century)
Bourges (S. Laurent and S. Jacques) Saints Laurent & Jacques 6F 800 (circa)
Bourges (N-D de Salles) Notre-Dame de Salles 6F 640 (circa). Permanently refounde for male canons in 912 (1012?). 800-899 (9th century)?
Bourbourg Notre-Dame 6M 1103
Bourbon l'Archambault 6C 1172 (circa)
Boulaur 6L 1140
Boulancourt 6G 1150 (circa)
Bouhan 6M 1223-1224 1395: poverty sends abbess and only other nun to Blandecques for good
Bouchet 6U 1170-1200 (circa)
Boubon 6J 1106
Bottenbroich Blessed Virgin Mary 1231 1448 (circa) for female community; 1802 final dissolution
Börstel S. Mary Niedersachsen, district Lippstadt 1244; before 1246 still extant
Borgo Mortara Piedmont 1482 (June 25)