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Titlesort ascending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Sempringham Double Monastery Blessed Mary and S. Andrew Lincolnshire 1131 (circa) 1538
Seligenthal Assumption of the Virgin Mary 1232 1803; (reestablished 1835/6)
Seligenporten the visitation of Mary (today: Ascension of Mary) 1242 (circa); 1247-1249 1556-76 (circa); final dissolution in 1803 (see miscellaneous)
Seeon S. Lambert Oberbayern 994 1803
Seelenkonvent 1230
Seche-Fontaine 6G 1173 1236 (circa)
Seauve-Benite 6C 1128 or earlier
Scrín Saint Mary Meath 1144 or later 1240 or earlier (needs verification)
Schwarzhofen 1244 1802
Schwarzach 770 (circa) 877
Schönau S. Mary and S. Nicholaus; S. Kilian 1189 (circa) 1564 (circa)
Schmerlenbach Blessed Virgin Mary; later S. Agatha 1218 1803-7
Schlüsselau Blessed Virgin Mary and holy Trinity 1280 (circa) 1554
Sarrazac 6L 840 900-999 (10th century)?
Santissima Trinità Puellarum Apulia
Santissima Trinità e dell'Archangelo S. Michele Piedmont 1056 or earlier
Santissima Trinità Apulia 1080-1120 (circa)
Santissima Trinità Apulia
Santissima Trinità Apulia
Santissima Annunziata di Firenze Saint Mary of the Annunciation Tuscany 1413
Santa Maria in Foligno Umbria early 1300s
Santa Maria degli Angeli Tuscany ca. 1377
Santa Maria de Campis Piedmont 1057
Santa Clara de Carrión de los Condes 1260
Santa Clara before 1260
Sandwich S. Mary Kent
Sancti Monialium Piedmont 1191
San Salvatore and Giulia Lombardy 753 1805
San Pietro in Colfiorito St. Peter Umbria Early 1300s
San Paolo delle Abbadesse Umbria
San Paolo St. Paul Umbria
Salzinnes Namur 1202 or earlier
Salmannshofen John the Baptist 1282 1401
Salles-en-Beaujolais 6U 1301
Salettes 6U 1299
Salenques 6L 1353
Saintes (Notre-Dame) 6R 1047
S. Zacharie 6S 1267 or earlier
S. Zaccaria 829 C.E.
S. Walburg S. Walburg(a) 1035 (see "foundation information," below) 1803-6
S. Vittore e S. Niccolo Saint Victor / Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1224
S. Vittore delle Chiuse Marche
S. Vittore Piedmont 1430
S. Vito Saint Vitus Tuscany
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany 1390 (circa) 1635 or later
S. Vincenzo Marche 1257
S. Vincenzo Marche
S. Victor-a-Huy Liege 1144
S. Vicenzio di Firenze Saint Vincent Tuscany 1450