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Titlesort ascending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Maria del Paradiso 1291 (circa) 1459 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria del Paradiso 1296 1464, March 17 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria del Paradiso Virgin Mary / Michael LZ 1270 (circa) 1436 -- properties given to male monastery
S. Maria del Monte della Guardia Emilia-Romagna
S. Maria del Monte Piedmont
S. Maria del Monte 1244
S. Maria del Gesu di S. Casciano Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Maria del Fiore Saint Mary/ Saint Alexander / Saint John the Baptist Tuscany 1330 1808
S. Maria del Feriale 1256 or earlier 1448 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria del Donne Marche 1230
S. Maria del Cestello Emilia-Romagna 1473
S. Maria del Camí
S. Maria dei Colli Saint Mary Tuscany 115-1200 (circa) 1350-1400 (circa)
S. Maria degli Episcopi 1295 (circa) 1804 (circa) -- by Napoleon. A cemetery takes its place.
S. Maria degli Angioli Saint Mary/ Saint Benedict Tuscany 1000 or earlier
S. Maria Degli Angeli Saint Mary / Saint Clare Tuscany 1429 1808
S. Maria degli Angeli 1313 or earlier
S. Maria degli Angeli Emilia-Romagna 1799
S. Maria degli Angeli Saint Mary Tuscany 1439 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria degli Angeli Saint Mary Tuscany 1436
S. Maria de Via Nova 1305 or earlier 1446 or earlier? It was not listed among the monasteries subject to <C415> at this time.
S. Maria de Vallverd Catalonia 1172 1474 -- goods went to Poblet (male)
S. Maria de Vallsanta Catalonia 1237 1589, May 13, due to the fact that only 3 nuns remained at the time.
S. Maria de Valldonzella Catalonia 1237, 4 November Still Active
S. Maria de Valldemaria Catalonia 1156 or just before 1543 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Maria de Valldaura Catalonia 1006 or earlier 1461
S. Maria de Vallbona Catalonia 1176 Still active
S. Maria de Tremogiis 1205
S. Maria de Siscar 1100-1199 (12th century) 1425: united with the male community of Susterris (male).
S. Maria de Savall 1236 1300 or earlier? Needs verification
S. Maria de Pupula 1223 or earlier
S. María de Piasca Virgin Mary 941, June 11 1075-1979 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria de Penardell 1229 1436 or later: nuns went to <C1256>, and the property went to S. Maria de Roses (see "dependency of," below).
S. Maria de Nova S. Maria Novi Portus (5th century) Marche 1038
S. Maria de Montsant 1210 1215 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Maria de Montescudario Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Maria de Monteluce 1222, Sept. 20 (other sources claim October 28, 1258)
S. Maria de Montalegre Catalonia 1200 (circa) 1593 - nuns were prohibited from admitting novices when they refused to accept Tridentine claustration rules. The community was converted into the Serminari Tridentí, while the two remaining canonesses went to two other communities.
S. Maria de l‚Eula 1174 1567: repopulated with monks from Santes Creus.
S. Maria de Lutara Virgin Mary LZ 806 or earlier
S. Maria de Lleida Catalonia 1204 1717
S. Maria de les Franqueses Catalonia 1186 1452
S. Maria de les Esglésies 1258 1326 or earlier
S. Maria de Jonqueres Catalonia 1214 Still extant, but as a community of recluses (after 1293?)
S. Maria de Jerusalem Catalonia 1453 Still Active
S. Maria de Gavillione e S. Juliana Saint Mary / Saint Juliana Tuscany 1258
S. Maria de Casis
S. Maria de Carista 1232 1460 (See
S. Maria de Cantiro Marche 1271 1300-1399 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Maria de Bovera Catalonia 1195 1237 - 1589: part of the remaining members went to <C1235>, and another part were incorporated by <C1250>.. in 1589, the three final nuns were transferred to <C1232>.