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Titlesort ascending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Nicholas (hospital) Yorkshire 1286 or earlier 1538 or later
S. Nicholas Yorkshire 1088-12 1537
S. Niccolo di Véroli Nicholas LZ 1333 or earlier 1335 or later
S. Niccolo di Prato Saint Nicholas Tuscany
S. Niccolo di Caffagio Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1329 (circa)
S. Niccolo Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1340 or earlier
S. Niccolo Nicholas LZ 1251 or earler 1304 (circa)
S. Niccolo Nicholas LZ 1000-10 (traditionally) 1300 (circa)
S. Niccolo Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1350-1400 (circa) 1783
S. Niccolao Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1330 or later 1811
S. Niccola in Borgo San Sepolcro
S. Nazzaro dei Burgondi Piedmont 982 or earlier (see "Early Documents," below) 1600 or earlier
S. Mostiola 1296 or earlier
S. Monica di Firenze Saint Monica Tuscany 1442
S. Monica Piedmont 1425 1802 -- currently a school and a store
S. Monica Saint Monica Tuscany 1338 1775
S. Miquel ses Closes Catalonia 1100 (13th century, according to Zaragoza Pascual) 1374 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Micheletto Saint Michael the Archangel (later Saint Francis and Saint Anthony of Padua) Tuscany 1435 (circa)
S. Michele e Niccolas Saint Michael / Saint Nicholas Tuscany
S. Michele di Ponzano Saint Michael Tuscany 1276 or earlier 1500 or later
S. Michele delle Campora Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany 1446 or earlier
S. Michele Archangelo Saint Michael the Archangel/ Saint Mary/ Saint Peter Tuscany 1266 or later 1404
S. Michele Archangelo Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany 915 (circa)
S. Michele Archangelo Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany 809 878 or earlier
S. Michele Archangelo Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany 1305 1809
S. Michele Saint Michael Tuscany 1110 1579
S. Michele Marche 1067 or earlier (The house was granted privileges by Biship Bernard II in 1067, and the name, at least, is found in a doument by Otto II, addressed to Adamo, Bishop of Ascoli. 1460 (August 12), per the Bull of Paul II. Nuns were transferred to S. Maria delle Donne (see <C488>), and the house was given to the Olivitani.
S. Michele Saint Michael Tuscany 1100 or earlier
S. Michele Piedmont 1200-1230 (circa) 1330-1370 (circa) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Michel-du-Bois 6N 1150 (circa)
S. Michel Arcangelo Marche Still extant.
S. Michaelis de Monte Tribaldi Saint Michael Tuscany
S. Michaeheli Saint Michael Tuscany 762 or earlier
S. Mercurio di Canne Apulia 1145 (circa)
S. Mercuriale Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Menoux 6C 1000 or earlier
S. Meliandra Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Maximin 1186 or earlier
S. Mauro Marche Still extant.
S. Mauro 1134
S. Mauritius 1141-1144 (circa)
S. Mattia Emilia-Romagna 1254 1799
S. Matteo in Arcetri Saint Matthew Tuscany 1414 or earlier
S. Matteo Saint Mathew / Saint Benedict / Saint Cosmas / Saint Damian / Saint Lucy Tuscany 1027 1810
S. Matteo Matthew LZ 1300 or later 1333 or later
S. Maties de Barcelona Catalonia 1426 Still extant
S. Mary, Chichester Sussex 1229 or earlier
S. Mary's Chester S. Mary Cheshire 1140 (circa) 1539
S. Mary within Cripplegate S. Mary Middlesex 1000 or earlier is probable 1329
S. Mary Rouncivall S. Mary Middlesex 1231 or earlier 1536 (needs verification)