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Titlesort descending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Carcassone 6I 1290 or earlier
Carlisle 2F 685; Refounded: circa 1125 refoundation for Augustinian canons. 800-899 (9th century) -- Destroyed
Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary 1385 or earlier (needs verification) 1542 or earlier (needs verification)
Carrow S. Mary and S. John Norfolk 1136 (circa), but re-founded circa 1145-1147 1536 - 8
Cassaniouze 6C 1276
Castel san Pietro, unknown community name Lazio 1285 or earlier
Castle Donnington John the Evangelist Leiceistershire 1189 or earlier 1535 or later
Castle Hedingham Holy Cross, S. Mary, James Essex 1191 or earlier 1536
Castor SS Cyneburga and Cyneswitha 2II 664 or earlier 870 (some sources attest to a late tenth or early 11th century termination)
Catesby S. Mary, S. Edmund and S. Thomas Mar Northamptonshire 1175 (circa) 1536
Catley Double Monastery S. Mary Lincolnshire 1148-1154 1538
Catune Staffordshire
Caudebequet 6O 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Caumont 6Q 1130 at Thenailes. Refounded: 1137-1143 at Caumont. 1200-1299
Cavaillon 6S 1252
Cell Achid Conchinn Cork
Cell Adrochtae Sligo 400 or later (needs verification) 1591
Cell Aird Wicklow
Cell Bicsige Westmeath 600-635 (circa)
Cell Brigde Saint Brigid Meath 1144 or later 1300 or later
Cell Cere Tipperary 600-625 (circa)
Cell Choca Kildare 500-599 (6th century)
Cell Craobhnat Galway 1200 (circa) 1543, April 10
Cell Dara St. Brigit Kildare 490 (circa) 1540-41 (male community disappeared after 1110). Kildare remains a Catholic episcopal seat today.
Cell Eochaille Clare
Cell Eóin Saint John the Baptist Clare 1189 (circa) 1584 or earlier
Cell Faindche Meath
Cell Glaissi St. Eiche Longford 450-550 (circa)
Cell Ingen n-Aeda Carlow
Cell ingen n-Ailello Wicklow
Cell Inghen Leinen Dublin
Cell Ingine Branin Laois
Cell Íte Íte Limerick
Cell Liadhuin Offaly
Cell Osnata Leitrim
Cell Richille Galway
Cell Rígnaige Offaly
Cell Since Meath
Cell Sléibe Cuilinn Armagh 500 (circa - needs verification) 1542
Cell-chatiern Cork
Cell-mag-cruin Cork
Cella Dominarum 6K 1140 or earlier 1320 (circa)
Cellanova Piedmont 1227 or earlier
Cenannas Saint Mary Meath 1144 or later 1300 or later
Cenn Airt Westmeath
Cerisiers 6P 1131 or earlier
Chaise-Dieu-du-Theil 6O 1146
Chalons-sur-Saone 6G 1328
Chamalieres 6C 665 (circa) 1600-1699 (17th century)
Champbenoit 6T 1138