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Titlesort descending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Sorps 6S 1255 1437
Sourribes 6S 1160 (circa)
Southhampton 959 or before 1066 or earlier; perhaps as early as 996
Southwark female (needs verification) S. Mary Surrey 1065 or earlier (needs verification) 1066 or earlier
Soyons 6U 1179 or earlier
Spermalie Flanders (West) 1200
Spinney Leiceistershire 1148-1154
Sprotbrough Edmund Yorkshire 1271 1547 or earlier
SS. Annunziata id Fiorentino Apulia 1059 (circa) 1443 or later
SS. Bernardino e Marta Emilia-Romagna
SS. Filippo, Giacomo e Elisabetta della Santuccie Emilia-Romagna 1416
SS. Gervasio e Protasio Emilia-Romagna 1510
SS. Leonardo e Orsola Emilia-Romagna 1799
SS. Ludovico e Alessio Emilia-Romagna 1798
SS. Naborre e Felice Emilia-Romagna 1231 (?) 1799
SS. Simone e Guida Apulia 1200-1299 (13th century) 1461 or earlier
St Catherine de O'Conyl Limerick 1261 or earlier 1567 or earlier
St Mary de Hogges Saint Mary de Hogges Dublin 1146 (circa) 1536
St. Angela Meriei
St. Kinga
St. Marienberg Mary Saxony late 12th century
St. Peter of Olomouc Moravia Before 1206
Stainfield S. Mary Lincolnshire 1168 or earlier 1536
Stamford S. Mary and S. Michael Northamptonshire 1154 or earlier 1536
Standon Hertfordshire 1180 (circa)
Stern 1312
Steterburg 1003 (circa)
Stixwould S. Mary Lincolnshire 1135 (circa) 1539
Stocquoy Brabant 1129 at Heylissem. Refounded: circa 1140 at Stocquoy. 1299 or earlier (13th century)
Stone Staffordshire 1066 or earlier, possibly as early as the seventh century. 1122-1125, when the community was granted to the male Augustinian monastery of Kenilworthy . By this time the nuns were most likely gone.
Stratford at Bow Leonard Middlesex 1066-1120 (sources disagree as to exact date of foundation) 1536
Strune 1283
Studley S. Mary Oxford 1176 or earlier 1536-1540
sul magdalene of Lespinasse S. Martin Midi-Pyrenees 1114, March 6 l789
sul monastery de rieunette Centre 1173
Sulz S. Maria (Mary) 1250 (circa) 1539
Swaffham Bulbeck Cambridge 1150-63 1536
Swine S. Mary Yorkshire 1135-1153 1539
Swingfield Kent 1180 circa
Syon Holy Savior, S. Mary, and S. Bridget Middlesex 1414 (circa) 1539 (see note, below)
Tadcaster 2E 649 (circa) 800-899 (9th century) -- needs verification
Tamworth St. Edith? Staffordshire 1000 or earlier 1066 or later
Tarascon 6S 1358
Tarrant S. Mary and All Saints Dorsetshire 1196 (circa) 1539
Tart l'Abbaye 6D 1125 (circa)
Tech Moling Saint Mary Kildare 1199 (circa) 1538
Tech Munnu Wexford 1171 or earlier 1330 (circa)
Tech na n-Ingen Galway / Roscommon: Archdall 622
Tech-damnata St. Damhnat Monaghan 500-599 (6th century)
Tempall na ferta Armagh 400 or later 1562 (needs verification)