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Titlesort descending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Brewood White Ladies S. Leonard Salisbury 1100-1199 (12th century) 1538
Bricot-en-Brie 6G 1150 (circa)
Brienne 6U 1259
Bristol S. Mary Magdalene Gloucestershire 1173 1536
Brive-la-Gaillarde 6J 1296 or earlier
Broadholme Double Monastery S. Mary Nottinghampshire 1154 or earlier, perhaps as early as 1143 when cannons of the male monastery Newhouse arrived from Flanders; community of both brothers and sisters since 1319. 1536
Broomhall Berkshire 1158 or earlier
Bruges Flanders (West) 1260 (circa)
Bruisyard S. Mary Annunciation Suffolk 1364-6 1539
Brunshausen Bonifatius; (S. Anastasius, Innocent, Stephan protomartyr (although not according to Germania Benedictina)); Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 852-853 (see "foundation information," below)
Brussells (S. Catherine) Saint Catherine Brabant 1232 (circa)
Bruyere 6U 840 (circa)
Bruyeres 6Q 1130 at Braine. Refounded: Circa 1140 at Bruyeres. 1200-1299 (circa)
Bruyeres-le-Chatel 6T 670 800-899 (9th century). Refounded in 1080 for Benedictine monks.
Bubenkirchen 1392 or earlier 1520-30 (circa)
Buchau S. Cornelius; S. Cyprian 800-899 (9th century) 1802
Bucilly 6Q 950 (circa) 1100 (circa)? Exact date uncertain, but in 1148, the house was refounded as a male Premonstratensian community.
Buckland S. John the Baptist Somershire 1180 (circa) 1539
Buergel Blessed Virgin Mary; S George Thuringia 1133 Women's house: 1149-1188; Men's house: 1530
Buix-les-Aurillac 6C 1162 or earlier
Bullington Double Monastery S. Mary Lincolnshire 1148-54 1538
Bungay S. Mary and the Holy Cross Suffolk 1183 (nuns installed); (original foundation 1175 or 1176) 1536
Burlage S. Mary 1140-1150 or earlier 1672
Burnham S. Mary Buckinghamshire 1266 1539
Burton 2Y 690 (circa) 875-900 (circa)
Burtsheid 9J 1215 (circa) at Mont-Satin-Sauveur. Refounded: 1221 at Burtsheid.
Bury St. Edmonds 1066 or before 1086 or later
Bussieres 6C 1159
Buxtehude, Altkloster S. Mary and S. Laurentius 1197 (circa) 1651 (circa)
Buxtehude, Neukloster Domina nostra (Mary); John the Evangelist 1270 1705/7 with the death of the last inhabitant of the community
Byloque Flanders (East) 1215
Cadeby, female (needs verification) Lincolnshire
Caen (S. Trinite) Holy Trinity 6N 1066
Cahors 6L 1230-1234
Cahors (Notre-Dame) Notre-Dame 6L 1210 (circa)
Caioletto Marche
Caladon 6P 710 (circa) 989 or earlier
Calliaghstown Saint Mary Meath 1195 or later (needs verification) 1500 or earlier (needs verification)
Camach Brigde Roscommon
Campero (de) Sancti Monidium [?] Piedmont 1224 or earlier
Campsey S. Mary Suffolk 1195 1536
Cannington S. Mary Somershire 1138 (circa) 1536
Canonsleigh S. Mary, John the Evangelist, and Etheldreda ( Audrey ) Devonshire 1282 1538
Canterbury 800 or later 900 or earlier?
Carbrooke Norfolk 1180 (circa)