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Titlesort descending Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Michele di Ponzano Saint Michael Tuscany 1276 or earlier 1500 or later
S. Michele e Niccolas Saint Michael / Saint Nicholas Tuscany
S. Micheletto Saint Michael the Archangel (later Saint Francis and Saint Anthony of Padua) Tuscany 1435 (circa)
S. Miquel ses Closes Catalonia 1100 (13th century, according to Zaragoza Pascual) 1374 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Monica Piedmont 1425 1802 -- currently a school and a store
S. Monica Saint Monica Tuscany 1338 1775
S. Monica di Firenze Saint Monica Tuscany 1442
S. Mostiola 1296 or earlier
S. Nazzaro dei Burgondi Piedmont 982 or earlier (see "Early Documents," below) 1600 or earlier
S. Niccola in Borgo San Sepolcro
S. Niccolao Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1330 or later 1811
S. Niccolo Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1340 or earlier
S. Niccolo Nicholas LZ 1251 or earler 1304 (circa)
S. Niccolo Nicholas LZ 1000-10 (traditionally) 1300 (circa)
S. Niccolo Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1350-1400 (circa) 1783
S. Niccolo di Caffagio Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1329 (circa)
S. Niccolo di Prato Saint Nicholas Tuscany
S. Niccolo di Véroli Nicholas LZ 1333 or earlier 1335 or later
S. Nicholas Yorkshire 1088-12 1537
S. Nicholas (hospital) Yorkshire 1286 or earlier 1538 or later
S. Nicholas de Ortis 1354 or earlier
S. Nicholas Hospital Carlisle Nicholas Cumberland 1199 or earlier 1645
S. Nicola delle Monache Apulia 1100-1199 (probable)
S. Nicola Vergini Apulia 1503-1505 after an epidemic and financial difficulties
S. Nicolau de Camprodon Catalonia 1283 or earlier 1581, because of low population. For remaining nuns, see "Incorporated by," below.
S. Nicolaus S. Nicolaus 1262 or earlier 1525 (circa)
S. Nicolo 1460 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Nicolo della Casa di Dio Emilia-Romagna 1332
S. Nicolo di Carpineta Emilia-Romagna 1322
S. Omobono Emilia-Romagna 1490 1799
S. Onofrio Marche 1243 (possibly 1248) 1553
S. Onofrio 1500 or earlier
S. Orens 6L 1095 (circa)
S. Orsola Saint Ursula / Saint Gerard Tuscany 1390 or earlier 1435
S. Orsolina Marche 891 1367 (circa -- see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Osberga Warwickshire 700 or earlier
S. Osyth's at Chich St. Osyth 653 870 circa
S. Pancrazio sulla Via Aurelia, al Gianicolo Pancratius / Victor / Virgin Mary LZ 1255 1430 or earlier: properties to male community
S. Pantaleone Saint Pantaleone Tuscany 1233
S. Paolo 1555 or earlier
S. Paolo Marche 1406, February 26 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Paolo Paul LZ 1261 or earlier (needs verification) 1463 -- properties to male monastery
S. Paolo Saint Paul Tuscany
S. Paolo Saint Paul Tuscany 1348
S. Paolo
S. Paolo Saint Paul Tuscany 1329 (circa)
S. Paolo all'Orto Saint Paul / Saint James / Saint Philip Tuscany 1257 or earlier
S. Paolo delle Abbadesse 1180 (circa) 1453 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Paolo di Coselli Saint Paul Tuscany 1255 1404 (Se "Incorporated By," below)
S. Paolo e S. Stefano Saint Paul and Saint Stephen Tuscany 1086