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Title Dedication Regionsort ascending Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Tommaso al Cavaglione 1193 (June) 1789 (See "Present State of Medieval Structure," below)
Klarholz S. Mary, S. Laurentius 1133 1803, May 2
Monna Simone 1452 or earlier
Gnadenthal Blessed Virgin Mary 1300 or earlier
S. Martin S. Martin 1263 1533
Rupertsberg S. Mary; S. Martin (a lesser patron of the church at Rupertsberg); S. Rupert; S. Hildegard 1147 1803
S. Maria delle Grazie 1497 or earlier
S. Sadurní de Collsabadell 998 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below) 1041 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below)
Zellingen 800 (circa) 900 (circa)
Church of the Holy Maccabees 1134-1178
Convent of the Mother of God Pantanassa Mother of God ca. 1400
Villingen S. Ursula
S. Maria Maddalena 1271, June 8
Ridlerkloster John the Baptist; John the Evangelist 1295 1783
Neuenwalde S. Mary and the holy cross; Mary Magdalene since the sixteenth century 1219-1227 (circa) 1530-1630 (Catholic); continues (see miscellaneous field)
S. Pierre-le-haut 595-610
Marienthal S. Mary, S. Laurentius 1177 or earlier 1499 switched to a male crusading order; final dissoulution 1804
Heiningen S. Mary, S. Peter and S. Paul 993-1002 (circa) 1810
Amiens 575 or earlier 900-999 (10th century); refounded for secular canons in 1073