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Title Dedication Regionsort ascending Date Founded Date Terminated
Strune 1283
S. Giorgio 1070
S. Maria Vallis Gaudii 1244 (circa)
Buchau S. Cornelius; S. Cyprian 800-899 (9th century) 1802
S. Maria de Pupula 1223 or earlier
Himmelpforten S. Mary 1246 (circa) 1804
Boxwell Uncertain uncertain
S. Maria Maddalena del Castellato 1269
Frauenthal Blessed Virgin Mary 994 (circa)
Königsberg (Augustinian tertiaries) 1380 1524
Quedlinburg Saint Servatius (church) 800-899 (9th century) 1803
Ramsey (needs verification) S. Benedict, S. Mary 900 or later 1066 or before
S. Maria Maddalena 1350 or earlier 1883 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Himmelskron 1430 or earlier
Kürnach 1279 or earlier 1292-1300 (circa)
S. Giacomo de Murorupto 1088 1256 (See
S. Paolo delle Abbadesse 1180 (circa) 1453 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Hohenwart unknown 1074 1895
Alzey (Cistercian women) S. Spiritus (holy spirit), S. John 1262 (circa) 1564
Hahn 1292
S. Maria Magdalena Mary Magdalene
S. Francesco della Valle 1251, April 4 1329-1353 (See "Miscellaneous Information," below)
S. Maria 1244, June 14
Bredelar S. Laurentius; later Mary 1169-1170 1196
S. Margherita 1784, or 1815 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Marienkloster in Karlsberg 765 or earlier
Bodmin Uncertain uncertain
S. Leonardo 1492 or earlier
Frauensee Blessed Virgin Mary 1202 (circa) 1540
Gnadenthal convent: S. Elisabeth; church: S. John the Baptist and S. John the Apostle 1276; 1313, according to Kramer. 1802-3
Ödingen S. Mary, S. John the Baptist 1000 (circa) 1533
Jemgum 1284
Durham 1018 or before 1066 or before
S. Caterina Vecchia 1258 or earlier 1643: The war between Pope Urban VIII and the Duke of Tuscany put the community in danger, so they moved to the city, taking over an older community (probably named S. Chiara) and refounding it as <C2671>.
Marienrode Blessed Virgin Mary 1125 (male); 1988 (female) 1806 (male); continues (female)
S. Maria and S. Theodor S. Mary; S. Theodore (at least since the mid-fourteenth century); S. John the Evangelist 1157 (1273, according to Krämer) 1554 (1802, according to Krämer)
S. Donato di Flebulle 1233
S. Nicholas de Ortis 1354 or earlier
S. Maria Magdalena (Regensburg) S. Mary Magdalene; S. Klara (Clare) 1228; before 1233 continues
Altomünster S. Peter; S. Paul; Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Alto; S. Salvator 740 (circa) 1803
Zelle in der Komödienstrasse
Maihingen 1473
S. Caterina della Scala 1421
S. Catarina 1309
Bottenbroich Blessed Virgin Mary 1231 1448 (circa) for female community; 1802 final dissolution
Gesuate in Città di Castello
domus S. Clarae (Herford) S. Clare 1325 or earlier 1500-1599 (sixteenth century)
Bedwyn 900 - 950 or before 1066 or earlier
S. Chiara Clare of Montefalco (after 1492) 1290