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Title Dedication Regionsort ascending Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Martino e S. Bartolomeo di Mugnone Saint Martin / Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1348 [needs verification: does not conform with date under "early documents"] 1680 or later
S. Maria Saint Mary / Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany 1400 or earlier
S. Maria Regina Coeli Saint Mary (Queen of Heaven) Tuscany 1343 1777 or later
Convertite Tuscany 1441 1808
S. Filippo e S Giacomo Saint Philip / Saint James Tuscany 790 990 or earlier
S. Maria a Castelvecchio di Figline Saint Mary Tuscany 1107 or earlier 1167
S. Maria Saint Mary Tuscany 1257 or earlier
S. Michele Saint Michael Tuscany 1100 or earlier
S. Girolamo sul ponte Rubaconte Saint Jerome Tuscany 1418 or earlier
S. Caterina di Siena Saint Catherine of Siena Tuscany 1487 1784
S. Marta a Montughi Saint Martha Tuscany 1336
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany
S. Maria di Mantignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1276 or earlier 1303 or later
S. Lucia in via S. Gallo S. Lucia Tuscany 1292 or earlier 1435 (restored in 1441 -- see below)
S. Concezione Tuscany
S. Maria del Soccorso e S. Giovanni Evangelista, (after 1513) Saint Mary/ Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany 1386 (circa)
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 1318
S. Giovanni de Uticasso Saint John Tuscany
S. Francesco di Vicchio di Monte Massi di Mugello Saint Francis Tuscany 1315 or earlier
S. Girolamo sulla Costa Saint Jerome Tuscany 1373 or earlier 1575 or later
S. Cassianus Saint Cassian / Saint Hippolitus Tuscany 755 or earlier 1336
S. Girolamo delle Poverine S. Jerome Tuscany 1382 or earlier 1869 (needs verification)
Santa Maria degli Angeli Tuscany ca. 1377
S. Vito Saint Vitus Tuscany
S. Croce a Fiesole Holy Cross Tuscany 1340
S. Vittore e S. Niccolo Saint Victor / Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1224
S. Martino a Maiano Saint Martin Tuscany 1067 (circa) 1808
S. Caterina di Cafaggio Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany 1325 or earlier 1808
S. Romano Saint Romanus Tuscany 800 or earlier 870-900 (circa)
S. Andreas Saint Andrew Tuscany 852 (traditionally)
S. Dalmazio Tuscany 1147 or earlier
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany
Montisoni Tuscany 1322
S. Girolamo Saint Jerome Tuscany 1381 (circa) 1383
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany
S. Marta Saint Martha Tuscany 1310
S. Caterina delle Ruote Saint Catherine Tuscany 1339 1808
S. Silvestro a Marciano Saint Sylvester Tuscany 1148
S. Maria di Valverde Saint Mary Tuscany 1134 or earlier 1386
S. Giorgio a Lapi Saint George Tuscany 1325 or earlier 1437 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Ginese Saint Ginesius Tuscany 839 (circa)
S. Ambrogio di Pietrapiana Saint Ambrose Tuscany 1040 or earlier
S. Maria de Montescudario Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Maria di Montignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1088
S. Giovanni Evangelista Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany 1427 or earlier
S. Matteo Saint Mathew / Saint Benedict / Saint Cosmas / Saint Damian / Saint Lucy Tuscany 1027 1810
S. Maria e S. Giuseppe sul Prato Saint Mary/ Saint Joseph Tuscany 1480 or earlier 1490 or later
S. Salvatore in Alina Holy Redeemer ( Tuscany 900 or earlier 1028