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Title Dedication Regionsort descending Date Founded Date Terminated
Wienhausen S. Mary, S. Laurentius, S. Alexander 1221-1228/9 still extant
S. Elisabetta 1230 1700-1799
Engelport 1272 (circa)
S. Sebastiano
Vreden S. Felicitas 839 or earlier 1810
S. Francesco delle Donne 1253 (as a female community. Male community on the site dates from earlier) 1815. Became a women's school of some kind. Currently a ceramic factory.
Mariengarten Mary (needs verification) 1245 1543 (circa)
Klarissenkloster 1341 1803
Gandersheim S. Anastasius; S. Innocent; S. John the Baptist 852 (circa) 1810
S. Maria delle Vergini 1428 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Magdalena i S. Margarita de Castellbisbal late 13th century
Thulba 1127 1525
Vortleve 1271
Anargyroi Kosmas and Damian
S. Niccola in Borgo San Sepolcro
Salmannshofen John the Baptist 1282 1401
Pillenreuth 1300-1399 (fourteenth century)
S. Godeberte 655
Walsrode S. John the Baptist 980 (circa) still extant
Trebnitz 1203 1810
S. Claudio e S. Crociferi 1229 1255 (See
S. Agnes S. Agnes 1419 1812
Tutti i Santi
Medingen S. Mary and S. Mauritius, S. Moritz 1228 (circa) still extant
S. Agnese 1296 or slightly earlier
Jörresbusch S. Gregory
S. Stephan S. Stephan 969 1802-3
Essen S. Pacratius (968/978); S. Bartholomew (first mentioned 1521); there is no mention of a particular patron saint for the convent. 1175
S. Maria delle Grazie 1497 or earlier
S. Sadurní de Collsabadell 998 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below) 1041 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below)
Zellingen 800 (circa) 900 (circa)
Klüppel 1313 or earlier
Convent of the Mother of God Pantanassa Mother of God ca. 1400
Villingen S. Ursula
S. Maria Maddalena 1271, June 8
Ridlerkloster John the Baptist; John the Evangelist 1295 1783
Neuenwalde S. Mary and the holy cross; Mary Magdalene since the sixteenth century 1219-1227 (circa) 1530-1630 (Catholic); continues (see miscellaneous field)
S. Pierre-le-haut 595-610
Holthausen S. Mary 1243 1810, September 16
S. Leonards 1200-1250 (circa) 1434: Annexed to Perth Charter house.
S. Maria della Carità 1217-1229 (see 1488/1862 (see
Elten S. Vitus 967 1811
S. Tommaso al Cavaglione 1193 (June) 1789 (See "Present State of Medieval Structure," below)
Monna Simone 1452 or earlier
Gnadenthal Blessed Virgin Mary 1300 or earlier
S. Martin S. Martin 1263 1533
Escherde Mary (1236); John the Baptist and John the Apostle (1262) 1203 1625; reestablished 1652. The convent was finally dissolved in 1810.
S. Maria Madre di Dio 1316 or earlier
Kirschgarten Blessed Virgin Mary 1226-37 (circa) 1430 (circa) for female community; circa 1525/46 final dissolution
Charoltesbach 800 (circa) 900 (circa)