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Title Dedication Regionsort descending Date Founded Date Terminated
Rosedale S. Mary and S. Lawrence Yorkshire 1130-1158 1536
Nunappleton S. Mary and John the Evangelist Yorkshire 1148-54 1539
Kirklees S. Mary and S. James Yorkshire 1100-1135 1539
Keldholme S. Mary Yorkshire 1100-1142 1536
Handale Yorkshire 1133 1539
Hampole S. Mary Yorkshire 1156 or earlier 1539
Esholt S. Mary, S. Leonard and S. James Yorkshire 1172 or earlier 1539
Baysdale S. Mary Yorkshire 1162 (circa) 1536-7 (needs verification)
Arthington S. Mary Yorkshire 1154-5 (circa) 1540
Yeddingham S. Mary Yorkshire 1148 or earlier 1537
S. John of Beverly S. John the Evangelist Yorkshire 700 1450 or after
Wilberfoss S. Mary Yorkshire 1153 or earlier 1539
Thicket S. Mary Yorkshire 1180 or earlier 1535 (needs verification)
Clementhorpe S. Clement Yorkshire 1130 (circa) 1536
Nunmonkton S. Mary Yorkshire 1134-1153 or the age of Stephen 1536
Nunkeeling S. Mary and S. Helen Yorkshire 1152 (circa) 1539 (circa)
Nunburnholme Yorkshire 1189 or earlier 1536
Marrick S. Mary and Andrew of Marrick, to whom the original parish church was dedicated. Yorkshire 1154-58 or earlier 1540
Ellerton S. Mary and S. Lawrence (Dedication to S. Lawrence needs futher research). Yorkshire (North) 1189 or earlier 1537-8
Arden Yorkshire, Cheshire 1150