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Title Dedication Regionsort descending Date Founded Date Terminated
Korduan 1290
S. Maria de Carista 1232 1460 (See
Erstein Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Caecilia; S. Agatha 840 (circa) 1437
Schmerlenbach Blessed Virgin Mary; later S. Agatha 1218 1803-7
Wienhausen S. Mary, S. Laurentius, S. Alexander 1221-1228/9 still extant
Meerhusen 1219
Warwick 871 or before 1066 or before, possibly 1016
S. Caterina Novella 1643-1647 (re-foundation: earlier was the site of <C2670>, a community of Poor Clares)
Name unknown (Beguine community)
S. Chiara 1453 or earlier 1641 (see "Incorporated By," below). Re-founded between 1643 and 1647 as <C2671>, a Benedictine community.
Halberstadt (Dominican nuns) S. Nicolaus; S. Katherine 1289 1808
Name unknown (Franciscan Tertiaries) Holy Cross 1484 1551
Medingen S. Mary and S. Mauritius, S. Moritz 1228 (circa) still extant
Neresheim S. Ulrich; S. Afra 1095 1802
S. Lorenzo inter vineas 1235, 23 July
S. Margarida del Pla 1268 or earlier 1307: translated to <C1258>, until their extinction in 1461.
Aglaien-sisterhood 1391 1580 (circa)
Gandersheim S. Anastasius; S. Innocent; S. John the Baptist 852 (circa) 1810
Gwitherin 600-699 (7th century) 800-899 (9th century -- needs verification)
Maggiore di Monte Mascarano 1235 or earlier 1413 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Maria Maddalena
Marienthal unknown 1491 1682
S. Appolinare
Vortleve 1271
S. Maria di Val Verde 1296 1445 (See
Mariengarten Blessed Virgin Mary 1290 (circa) 1802
Schlüsselau Blessed Virgin Mary and holy Trinity 1280 (circa) 1554
Walsrode S. John the Baptist 980 (circa) still extant
Barthe 1204
Southhampton 959 or before 1066 or earlier; perhaps as early as 996
S. Paul's, London 946 (circa) 1000 or before
S. Benedetto 1267 1641 -- nuns took over the former male community of <C2668>. Community's buildings became a private church until the sisters of <C2670> transferred there after having been expelled from <C2649>.
S. Katharina S. Katherine (needs verification); S. Mary Magdalene; S. Margaret 1300 (circa) 1571 (circa)
Frauenroth S. George; All Saints; possibly S. Burkhard 1231 1537 according to one source, but possibly after 1574
El Real Monasterio de Santa Clara de Tordesillas S. Chiara 1363
Millstatt S. Salvator; S. Domitian 1070 1469
S. Girolamo 1518
S. Maria de Montsant 1210 1215 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Ulrich 1350 1583
Essen S. Pacratius (968/978); S. Bartholomew (first mentioned 1521); there is no mention of a particular patron saint for the convent. 1175
S. Paolo
S. Lucia
Biburg Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Benedict 1125-33 1278 (female); 1589 (male)
S. Agnese 1352 (November 20) 1380-82 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Klüppel 1313 or earlier
Monastero dell’Eucarestia Eucharist 1447
S. Maria del Popolo 1445 or earlier 1700-1799 (18th c.)