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Title Dedication Regionsort descending Date Founded Date Terminated
Amiens 575 or earlier 900-999 (10th century); refounded for secular canons in 1073
S. María de Piasca Virgin Mary 941, June 11 1075-1979 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Bamberg, Michelsberg Saint Michael 1017 1802
S. Maria di Valfabbrica 1296 or earlier (needs verification) 1383 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Frankenberg S. Mary Magdalene; S. Peter 1235 1568
Bergen S. Cross 976 1552
Pfalzel 700 (circa) 1016; refounded as male house
S. Petronilla 1304 (as a female community -- male cistercians had been the community's first inhabitants, dating from sometime in the thirteenth century) 1400 or earlier
S. Cugat del Far 700 or earlier? 725 or later?
Gundheim 1150 (circa) 1290 (circa)
Sion 1215 (circa); 1238, according to McDonnell.
S. Bartolomeo 1057, March 1410 (taken over by Augustinian order)
S. Maria del Ponte 1370 or earlier 1573 or later
Berau S. Nicolas 1100-1199 (12th century)
S. Lucia
Elsey S. Mary, S. Sebastian 1223 or earlier; 1378 (women only) 1808-1811
S. Maria di Betlem 1379
Engelthal Blessed Virgin Mary 1290 or earlier; 1268 continues
S. Caterina 1350 (circa) 1700-1799 (18th century)
S. Pedro de las Dueñas 1075
S. Francesco delle Donne 1253 (as a female community. Male community on the site dates from earlier) 1815. Became a women's school of some kind. Currently a ceramic factory.
Mariengarten Mary (needs verification) 1245 1543 (circa)
Klarissenkloster 1341 1803
Eibingen 1148; refounded in 1165 1802
S. Nicolo 1460 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria de l‚Eula 1174 1567: repopulated with monks from Santes Creus.
Tückelhausen 1138 1360
Weiher 1198
Mount of Olives The Mount of Olives is considered a holy place in both the Jewish and Christian traditions. It is unknown when monasteries were first constructed on the mountain, although this likely began in the fourth century.
S. Sebastiano 1500 or earlier
S. Maria 1367 or earlier 1466 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Inzigkoven 1354 1802
S. Maria
S. Walburg S. Walburg(a) 1035 (see "foundation information," below) 1803-6
S. Elisabetta 1230 1700-1799
Engelport 1272 (circa)
S. Sebastiano
Bergedorf S. Mary (1194/98) 1192-1198 1217-1226
S. Agnese 1296 or slightly earlier
Jörresbusch S. Gregory
S. Stephan S. Stephan 969 1802-3
Disibodenberg Disibod (needs verification) 1000 (circa) 1559
S. Maria delle Vergini 1428 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Magdalena i S. Margarita de Castellbisbal late 13th century
Thulba 1127 1525
S. Maximin 1186 or earlier
Anargyroi Kosmas and Damian
S. Niccola in Borgo San Sepolcro
Salmannshofen John the Baptist 1282 1401
Pillenreuth 1300-1399 (fourteenth century)