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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Dietkirchen S. Peter 1015 or earlier
Wunstorf S. Peter 871
Moellenbeck S. Peter 896
Harrold S. Peter Bedfordshire 1136-1138 1536
Mittelmünster S. Paul 983 1588
Hospital of S. Paul S. Paul Norfolk 1100 or later
Lambley S. Patrick Northumberland 1188 or earlier 1537
Essen S. Pacratius (968/978); S. Bartholomew (first mentioned 1521); there is no mention of a particular patron saint for the convent. 1175
Halberstadt (Dominican nuns) S. Nicolaus; S. Katherine 1289 1808
S. Nicolaus S. Nicolaus 1262 or earlier 1525 (circa)
Berau S. Nicolas 1100-1199 (12th century)
Aachen-Burtscheid S. Nicholaus, S. John the Baptist 1220 (female) 1803
Altenberg S. Nicholas; S. Michael 1179 or later 1802
Dünnwald S. Nicholas 1143/48 (circa: see "foundation information," below) 1803
Rippoldsau S. Nicholas Baden (Karlsruhe)
Fosse S. Nicholas Lincolnshire 1200 (circa) 1539
Engelporten S. Michael; All Saints; S. Jacob; S. Catherine of Sienna 1280 (circa)
Böddeken S. Meinolphus; S. Mary and S. John 837 1409
Ebstorf S. Mauritius 1160 (circa) still extant
Ilford S. Mary; Thomas Mar Essex 1140 (circa) ?
S. Maria and S. Theodor S. Mary; S. Theodore (at least since the mid-fourteenth century); S. John the Evangelist 1157 (1273, according to Krämer) 1554 (1802, according to Krämer)
Hilwartshausen S. Mary; S. Stephan; S. Vitus 960-963 1610
Herford S. Mary; S. Pusinna 823 (circa -- although Schmitz-Kallenberg puts the date at c. 789) 1631; 1802
Rupertsberg S. Mary; S. Martin (a lesser patron of the church at Rupertsberg); S. Rupert; S. Hildegard 1147 1803
Nendorf S. Mary; S. Martin (1202) 1200 (circa) 1542 (circa); certainly by 1576
Himmelspforten S. Mary; S. John the Evangelist; (today S. Nicholas) 1231 1804, May 5
Niederviehbach S. Mary; S. Augustine 1296 1803
Dalheim S. Mary; in 1429, S. Peter and S. Antony 1264 (circa) 1369-1429 for female community; final dissolution, 1803
Meschede S. Mary, S. Walburgis 860 (circa) 1310 -- community transferred to male canons; final dissolution October 1805.
Elsey S. Mary, S. Sebastian 1223 or earlier; 1378 (women only) 1808-1811
Neuenheerse S. Mary, S. Saturnina 868 or earlier 1811
Gehrden S. Mary, S. Peter, S. Paul 1134-5 (circa) 1810
Freckenhorst S. Mary, S. Peter, S. Boniface 851 (circa) 1810-11
Heiningen S. Mary, S. Peter and S. Paul 993-1002 (circa) 1810
Fröndenberg S. Mary, S. Mauritius 1230 (circa) 1811
Wienhausen S. Mary, S. Laurentius, S. Alexander 1221-1228/9 still extant
Gevelsberg S. Mary, S. Laurentius 1230 (circa) 1812
Marienthal S. Mary, S. Laurentius 1177 or earlier 1499 switched to a male crusading order; final dissoulution 1804
Klarholz S. Mary, S. Laurentius 1133 1803, May 2
Gokirch S. Mary, S. John the Baptist, S. Odalricus 1228 1810, December 14
Ödingen S. Mary, S. John the Baptist 1000 (circa) 1533
Herdecke S. Mary, S. Frederuna, and S. Benedict 810-819 (circa) 1811
Catesby S. Mary, S. Edmund and S. Thomas Mar Northamptonshire 1175 (circa) 1536
Drolshagen S. Mary, S. Clemens 1235 1803
Esholt S. Mary, S. Leonard and S. James Yorkshire 1172 or earlier 1539
Drübeck S. Mary, John the Baptist, S. Crispin 877 or earlier
Heiligen Kreuz S. Mary, Holy Cross, 1297 Apostle Bartholomew 1230 (circa) 1545 (Cistercian); after 1944
Wilton S. Mary, Bartholomew, and after 984 to Edith. Wiltshire 830 (circa) 1539
Malgarten S. Mary, (John the Baptist, from 1651) 1170 (circa) 1803
Canonsleigh S. Mary, John the Evangelist, and Etheldreda ( Audrey ) Devonshire 1282 1538