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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Gabriele & S. Bartolomeo Marche 1262, 11 March
Leau Brabant 1484
S. Benedetto Tuscany
Honnecourt 6M 691 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)? By 911, the community had been refounded as a house for monks only.
S. Nicolau de Camprodon Catalonia 1283 or earlier 1581, because of low population. For remaining nuns, see "Incorporated by," below.
Valeys 6J 1256 or earlier
Reims (S. Pierre-le-Haut) 6G 590
Mont-de-Marsan 6A 1256-1261
la Fermete-sur-l'Izeure 6D 1145 (circa)
Bondeville 6O 1150 (circa)
S. Bartolomeo in regione collis 1409 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria di Sovereto Apulia
S. Maria Maddalena 1316-17 1898: The community closed temporarily between 1810 and 1814. In 1823 the nuns voted for the common life, and no new recruits were to be accepted. I 1898, only 8 nuns remained, and the monastery was purchased by Leo XIII for 15,000 scudi.
S. Pietro Piedmont 1100 or earlier
Mantellate Marche 1200 (circa)
S. Sperandio 1271
S. Chiara di Citerna 1355
S. Giacomo de Murorupto 1088 1256 (See
Altenhohenau Bavaria (Bayern) 1235 1803
Vinets 6G 1155
S. Aubin 6O 1200
Nyoiseau 6P 1109, April 18 1792
Gigean 6I 1104 (circa)
SS. Leonardo e Orsola Emilia-Romagna 1799
Bruges Flanders (West) 1260 (circa)
Winchcombe 787 897 or later (before 1066)
S. Mary, Chichester Sussex 1229 or earlier
S. Mauro 1134
S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont
S. Maria di Chiaravalle Marche
l'Arpajonie 6L 1297
Hahn 1292
Cell Adrochtae Sligo 400 or later (needs verification) 1591
Marshfield female (needs verification) Gloucestershire
Salenques 6L 1353
Poitiers (S. Croix) 6R 558 (circa)
Javages 6Q 1124 or 1126 at Valsery. Refounded: 1148 at Javages. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Thedinga 1283
Chartreuve 6Q 1130 (circa) 1200-1299 (13th century)
Winchester, Old Minster (Vowess affiliated with male community) 939 and 943 1066 or before
S. Bevignate 1296 or earlier 1640 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria Piedmont 1100 (circa)
S. Giovanni Marche
Iuxta Thermas Agrippianas female (needs verification) LZ 599 or earlier
Beaumont-les-Nonnains 6Q 1222 (circa) 1225-1299 (circa)
S. Joan de les Abadesses Catalonia 887, June 24 1017, January 26 (see "miscellaneous information," below).
Cluain-fidhi Clare
Condom 6L 1269 or earlier
Ten Roosen Flanders (East) 1228-1235