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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Paolo
le Bechet 6G 1170 or earlier
S. Paul-les-Beauvais 6Q 670-700 (circa) 851; refounded c. 1036
S. Lucia
Peyreux 6I 1254 or earlier
S. Cecilia d'Elins Catalonia 1079 (existed as a male community since c. 800) 1383: Bishop Berenguer d‚Erill supressed the community, but the nuns refused to abandon it until 1392, when they moved on to the community at Castellbò, where, a little later, the community died out.
Hocht Limbourg 1218 (circa)
S. Agnese 1352 (November 20) 1380-82 (See "Incorporated By," below)
la Chapelle d'Oze 6G 1145
S. Mercurio di Canne Apulia 1145 (circa)
Domus Dei Piedmont
SS. Filippo, Giacomo e Elisabetta della Santuccie Emilia-Romagna 1416
Beaulieu 6G 1140 (circa)
S. Michele Marche 1067 or earlier (The house was granted privileges by Biship Bernard II in 1067, and the name, at least, is found in a doument by Otto II, addressed to Adamo, Bishop of Ascoli. 1460 (August 12), per the Bull of Paul II. Nuns were transferred to S. Maria delle Donne (see <C488>), and the house was given to the Olivitani.
Montreuil-les-Dames 6Q 1136
Stocquoy Brabant 1129 at Heylissem. Refounded: circa 1140 at Stocquoy. 1299 or earlier (13th century)
S. Maria del Popolo 1445 or earlier 1700-1799 (18th c.)
Macquincourt 6Q 1130 (circa) at Bony. Refounded: 1212 Macquincourt.
S. Damiano Tuscany 1400 or earlier
Name unknown (Cervera) Catalonia 1245 1250
Longefont 6F 1116
Kloster auf dem Lilienberg unknown 1802
Courpiere 6C 1260 or earlier
S. Nicholas (hospital) Yorkshire 1286 or earlier 1538 or later
S. Croce Apulia 1324
S. Caterina Piedmont 1300-1330 (circa) 1802
Santa Clara de Carrión de los Condes 1260
Lens-S. Remy Liege 1350 (circa)
S. Paolo Marche 1406, February 26 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Paul's, London 946 (circa) 1000 or before
Espagnac 6L 1211 (circa)
S. Benedetto 1267 1641 -- nuns took over the former male community of <C2668>. Community's buildings became a private church until the sisters of <C2670> transferred there after having been expelled from <C2649>.
Pres-Porchins Hainault 123
Metz "Clairvaux" 6K 1133
Etrun 6M 1085 (circa)
Bretford Warwickshire 1154 or earlier 1167 or earlier
S. Maria Vergine Piedmont 901 (June 18)
Le Murate 1390 1808
S. Margherita Marche 1367 (see "Incorporated By," below).
Villarceaux 6T 1164 or earlier
S. Lucia
Aubepierre 6J 1272 or earlier
Ravensberge 6M 1199 (circa)
S. Pere de la Pedra de Lleida 1260 1342 (April 15) (See "Incorporated by," below)
Vortleve 1271
Nogent l'Artaud 6G 1299
Küttenbaum 1264 1544
Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary 1385 or earlier (needs verification) 1542 or earlier (needs verification)
Gemenos 6S 1205
Notre-Dame de la Presentation Antwerp 1493