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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Gregorio Gregory LZ 1328 or earlier 1335 or later
Blithbury Giles Staffordshire 1129-1147. 1534
S. Giles Giles Salisbury 1136
S. Germano Germanus LZ 1031 (traditionally) 1200 (circa -- needs verification)
S. Fortunato Fortunatus LZ 1369 1410
Blaubeuren For the men's community: S John the Baptist; For the women's community S Nicholas, S Nympha Wurttemberg 1085 Women's community terminated in 1348 (through plague); Men's community terminated in 1556
S. Eufemia al Vico Patricio Euphemia LZ 806 or earlier 1585 or later
S. Eugenia Eugenia LZ 795 or earlier 1000 or earlier
Monastero dell’Eucarestia Eucharist 1447
S. Erasmo Erasmus LZ 1299 or earlier 1500 or later
Sprotbrough Edmund Yorkshire 1271 1547 or earlier
Polesworth Edith Warwickshire 839-980. 1539, January 3
S. Domenico e S. Sisto Dominic / Sixtus (pope Sixtus II, partyred in 258 under the emperor Valerian) Lazio 1207 -- 1221 (this date is debatable: see <S956>, p. 54 ff). 1931 -- in this year, sisters then living at the 16th c. site of the community moved to the suburban Monte Mario region of Rome and took the name S. Maria del Rosario.
Buxtehude, Neukloster Domina nostra (Mary); John the Evangelist 1270 1705/7 with the death of the last inhabitant of the community
Disibodenberg Disibod (needs verification) 1000 (circa) 1559
S. Radegund Dedicated to S. Mary and S. Radegund Cambridge 1133-1154 (circa -- sources give diffrent dates) 1496
Denney Dedicated to S. James and S. Leonard Cambridge 1342 (1160 according to Oliva) 1539
S. Cipriano Cyprian LZ 1243 or earlier 1417 or later (needs verification)
Vilich Cornelius, Cyprian, Peter (dedicated in Vilich III circa 1020) circa 980 September 4, 1802
Gnadenthal convent: S. Elisabeth; church: S. John the Baptist and S. John the Apostle 1276; 1313, according to Kramer. 1802-3
S. Chiara Clare of Montefalco (after 1492) 1290
S. Chiara di Sora Clare LZ 1260 1915
S. Ciriaco e Niccolo in Via Lata Ciricus / Nicholas / Stephen / Virgin Mary LZ 940 (traditional date: needs verification) 1435 -- given to male monastery
Philanthropos Christ Philanthropos 1307
S. Chiara Chiara 1260/1269
S. Cesario "Corsarum" Cesarius LZ 806 855 or earlier (but later restored)
S. Cesario sull'Appia Cesarius LZ 1400 or later (needs verification) 1443
S. Cecilia Cecilia LZ 1317 or earlier 1400 (circa -- needs verification)
S. Cecilia di Piombinara Cecilia LZ 1182 or earlier
S. Caterina alle Cavallerotte Catherine / Virgin Mary LZ 1320 or earlier 1471 or earlier
S. Catherine Catherine Lincolnshire 1148 or later 1538
Avignon (S. Catherine) Catherine 6S 1254
Cluain Bairend Cairech Dergen Roscommon 500 or later 1167 or earlier (needs verification)
Llansantffraid female (needs verification) Brigit Carlow
Brunshausen Bonifatius; (S. Anastasius, Innocent, Stephan protomartyr (although not according to Germania Benedictina)); Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 852-853 (see "foundation information," below)
Marienberg Blessed Virgin Mary; S.Eucharius 1121 1802
Bersenbrück Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Vincent 1231 1786
Hohenburg Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Odilia Alsace 680 (circa) 1546 (for female community -- final dissolution in 1661)
Homburg Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Mary; S. Christopher; S. Mauritius Sachsen-Thueringen 1000-1099 1136 (female); 1539 (final dissolution)
Dietenborn Blessed Virgin Mary; S. John the Evangelist 1496-7 1525
Zwiefalten Blessed Virgin Mary; S. John the Baptist Wuerttemberg 1089 1350 circa (women); 1803 (men)
Ramsen Blessed Virgin Mary; S. George Rheinpfalz 1146 1267
Gernrode Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Cyriacus; S. Matronus; S. Peter 959-961 1610
Erstein Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Caecilia; S. Agatha 840 (circa) 1437
Biburg Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Benedict 1125-33 1278 (female); 1589 (male)
Besselich Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Aegidius, S. Peter and S. Paul 1153-1163 1620
Buergel Blessed Virgin Mary; S George Thuringia 1133 Women's house: 1149-1188; Men's house: 1530
Schmerlenbach Blessed Virgin Mary; later S. Agatha 1218 1803-7
Heiliggeistkloster Blessed Virgin Mary; Holy Spirit; Holy Cross 1196 or earlier 1667
Fischbeck Blessed Virgin Mary; (later) S. John the Baptist 955 1559